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Artist Sang Type
Role ModelIf Jesus Saves Shes My TypeChords
Role ModelLife Is FunnyChords
Role ModelMasturbation SongChords
Role ModelMinimal UkuleleChords
Role ModelNot A FanChords
Role ModelNot A Fan UkuleleChords
Role ModelNotice MeChords
Role ModelRxChords
Role ModelSave A SeatChords
Role ModelSay It FirstTabs
Role ModelSix SpeedChords
Role ModelStripclub MusicChords
Role ModelThats Just How It GoesChords
Role ModelThats Just How It GoesTabs
Role ModelWho Hurt YouChords
RoseliaBrave JewelBass tabs
RoseliaFire BirdBass tabs
RoseliaHidamari RhodoniteChords
RoseliaOvertureBass tabs
RoseliaRBass tabs
RoseliaSing AliveTabs
RoseliaZeal Of ProudChords
Royal BloodAce Of SpadesBass tabs
Royal BloodBetter StrangersTabs
Royal BloodBlood HandsChords
Royal BloodBlood HandsTabs
Royal BloodBoilermakerBass tabs
Royal BloodCarelessChords
Royal BloodCheap AffectionTabs
Royal BloodCome On OverChords
Royal BloodCome On OverTabs
Royal BloodDont TellBass tabs
Royal BloodDont TellChords
Royal BloodDont TellTabs
Royal BloodEither You Want ItBass tabs
Royal BloodEither You Want ItChords
Royal BloodEither You Want ItTabs
Royal BloodFigure It OutBass tabs
Royal BloodFigure It OutChords
Royal BloodFigure It OutTabs
Royal BloodHalf The ChanceChords
Royal BloodHang Me Up To DryChords
Royal BloodHold OnBass tabs
Royal BloodHold OnTabs
Royal BloodHole In Your HeartTabs
Royal BloodHoneybrainsBass tabs
Royal BloodHoneybrainsChords
Royal BloodHook Line And SinkerBass tabs
Royal BloodHook Line And SinkerChords
Royal BloodHook Line And SinkerTabs
Royal BloodHook Line And Sinker IntroBass tabs
Royal BloodHow Did We Get So DarkBass tabs
Royal BloodHow Did We Get So DarkChords
Royal BloodI Only Lie When I Love YouBass tabs
Royal BloodI Only Lie When I Love YouTabs
Royal BloodKingTabs
Royal BloodLights OutBass tabs
Royal BloodLights OutTabs
Royal BloodLimboBass tabs
Royal BloodLimboTabs
Royal BloodLittle MonsterBass tabs
Royal BloodLittle MonsterChords
Royal BloodLittle MonsterTabs
Royal BloodLook Like You KnowBass tabs
Royal BloodLook Like You KnowChords
Royal BloodLook Like You KnowTabs
Royal BloodLoose ChangeChords
Royal BloodLoose ChangeTabs
Royal BloodLove And Leave It AloneBass tabs
Royal BloodLove And Leave It AloneChords
Royal BloodMad VisionsChords
Royal BloodMad VisionsTabs
Royal BloodMillion And OneTabs
Royal BloodOblivionBass tabs
Royal BloodOblivionTabs
Royal BloodOut Of The BlackBass tabs
Royal BloodOut Of The BlackChords
Royal BloodOut Of The BlackTabs
Royal BloodOut Of The Black AcousticChords
Royal BloodRoxanneTabs
Royal BloodShes CreepingTabs
Royal BloodShes Creeping LiveBass tabs
Royal BloodSleepBass tabs
Royal BloodSleepTabs
Royal BloodSpaceTabs
Royal BloodTen Tonne SkeletonBass tabs
Royal BloodTen Tonne SkeletonTabs
Royal BloodTroubles ComingBass tabs
Royal BloodTroubles ComingTabs
Royal BloodTyphoonsBass tabs
Royal BloodTyphoonsTabs