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Artist Sang Type
LordeEverybody Wants To Rule The WorldChords
LordeEverybody Wants To Rule The World (Ver2)Chords
LordeFallen FruitChords
LordeGlory And GoreChords
LordeGlory And Gore (Ver2)Chords
LordeGlory And Gore (Ver3)Chords
LordeGlory And Gore UkuleleChords
LordeGood FightsChords
LordeGreen LightBass tabs
LordeGreen LightChords
LordeGreen LightTabs
LordeGreen Light (Ver2)Chords
LordeGreen Light (Ver3)Chords
LordeGreen Light UkuleleChords
LordeHard FeelingsChords
LordeHard Feelings LovelessChords
LordeHelen Of TroyChords
LordeHelen Of TroyTabs
LordeHold No GrudgeChords
LordeHomemade DynamiteChords
LordeHuggin Kissin UkuleleChords
LordeLadder SongChords
LordeLeader Of A New RegimeChords
LordeLiabilityBass tabs
LordeLiability (Ver2)Chords
LordeLiability (Ver3)Chords
LordeLiability (Ver4)Chords
LordeLiability (Ver5)Chords
LordeLiability RepriseChords
LordeLiability UkuleleChords
LordeLove ClubChords
LordeMelodrama (Ver2)Chords
LordeMelodrama AlbumChords
LordeMillion Dollar BillsChords
LordeMood RingChords
LordeMood RingTabs
LordeNew York - Hard FeelingsChords
LordeNo BetterChords
LordeOceanic FeelingChords
LordePerfect PlacesChords
LordePerfect Places (Ver2)Chords
LordePure Heroine AlbumChords
LordeRibs (Ver2)Chords
LordeRibs (Ver3)Chords
LordeRibs UkuleleChords
LordeRoyalsBass tabs
LordeRoyals (Ver2)Chords
LordeRoyals (Ver2)Tabs
LordeRoyals (Ver3)Chords
LordeRoyals AcousticChords
LordeSecrets From A Girl Whos Seen It AllChords
LordeSober (Ver2)Chords
LordeSober InterludeChords
LordeSober Interlude (Ver2)Chords
LordeSober Interlude (Ver3)Chords
LordeSolar PowerChords
LordeSolar Power (Ver2)Chords
LordeStill SaneChords
LordeStoned At The Nail SalonChords
LordeStoned At The Nail SalonTabs
LordeSwingin PartyChords
LordeTe Ao MaramaChords
LordeTeam (Ver2)Chords
LordeTeam (Ver3)Chords
LordeTeam (Ver4)Chords
LordeTeam (Ver5)Chords
LordeTennis CourtBass tabs
LordeTennis CourtChords
LordeTennis Court UkuleleChords
LordeThe LouvreBass tabs
LordeThe LouvreChords
LordeThe LouvreTabs
LordeThe Love ClubChords
LordeThe Man With The AxeChords
LordeThe PathChords
LordeThe PathTabs
LordeThe Path UkuleleChords
LordeWhite Teeth TeensChords
LordeWhite Teeth Teens (Ver2)Chords
LordeWhite Teeth Teens (Ver3)Chords
LordeWriter In The DarkChords
LordeYellow Flicker BeatChords
Lorna ShoreDeath PortraitTabs
Lorna ShoreImmortalTabs
Lorna ShoreKing Ov DeceptionTabs
Lorna ShoreTo The HellfireTabs
Los Auténticos DecadentesCorazonChords