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Artist Sang Type
Avenged SevenfoldMiaTabs
Avenged SevenfoldMia AcousticChords
Avenged SevenfoldMissing In ActionBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldMissing In ActionChords
Avenged SevenfoldMissing In ActionTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNatural Born KillerBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldNatural Born KillerTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNightmareChords
Avenged SevenfoldNightmareTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNightmareTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNightmare (Ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldNightmare IntroTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNot Ready To DieTabs
Avenged SevenfoldNot Ready To DieTabs
Avenged SevenfoldParadigmTabs
Avenged SevenfoldPlanetsBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldRed Is The New BlackTabs
Avenged SevenfoldRemenissionsChords
Avenged SevenfoldRemenissionsTabs
Avenged SevenfoldRetrovertigoChords
Avenged SevenfoldRetrovertigoTabs
Avenged SevenfoldRoman SkyBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldRoman SkyChords
Avenged SevenfoldRoman SkyTabs
Avenged SevenfoldRoman Sky (Ver2)Chords
Avenged SevenfoldRoman Sky (Ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldRunawayChords
Avenged SevenfoldSave MeChords
Avenged SevenfoldSave MeTabs
Avenged SevenfoldScreamTabs
Avenged SevenfoldScreamTabs
Avenged SevenfoldScreamTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSecond HeartbeatChords
Avenged SevenfoldSecond HeartbeatTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSeize The DayBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSeize The DayChords
Avenged SevenfoldSeize The DayTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSeize The Day AcousticChords
Avenged SevenfoldSet Me FreeChords
Avenged SevenfoldSet Me FreeTabs
Avenged SevenfoldShepherd Of FireBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldShepherd Of FireChords
Avenged SevenfoldShepherd Of FireTabs
Avenged SevenfoldShepherd Of Fire (ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSidewinderTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSidewinderTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSieze The DayBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSieze The DayTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSimulationBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far AwayBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far AwayChords
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far AwayTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far Away (Ver2)Chords
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far Away UkuleleChords
Avenged SevenfoldSt James IntroTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSt. JamesTabs
Avenged SevenfoldStreetsTabs
Avenged SevenfoldStrength Of The WorldChords
Avenged SevenfoldStrength Of The WorldTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSunny DispositionTabs
Avenged SevenfoldSunny Disposition (Ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldSynyster Gates Live SoloTabs
Avenged SevenfoldTensionChords
Avenged SevenfoldTensionTabs
Avenged SevenfoldThe Beast And The HarlotTabs
Avenged SevenfoldThe FightBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldThe StageChords
Avenged SevenfoldThe StageTabs
Avenged SevenfoldThe Wicked EndChords
Avenged SevenfoldThick And ThinTabs
Avenged SevenfoldThis Mean WarTabs
Avenged SevenfoldThis Means War DrumChords
Avenged SevenfoldTo End The RaptureTabs
Avenged SevenfoldTonight The World DiesChords
Avenged SevenfoldTonight The World DiesTabs
Avenged SevenfoldTrashed And ScatteredChords
Avenged SevenfoldTrashed And ScatteredTabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnboundBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy ConfessionsChords
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy ConfessionsTabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions (Ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions IntroTabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnholy Confessions1Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldUntil The EndTabs
Avenged SevenfoldUnwind The ChainsawChords
Avenged SevenfoldUnwind The ChainsawTabs
Avenged SevenfoldVictimChords
Avenged SevenfoldVictim (Ver2)Chords
Avenged SevenfoldWalkBass tabs
Avenged SevenfoldWarmness On The SoulChords
Avenged SevenfoldWarmness On The SoulTabs
Avenged SevenfoldWarmness On The Soul (Ver2)Tabs
Avenged SevenfoldWe Come Out At NightTabs
Avenged SevenfoldWelcome To The FamilyTabs
Avenged SevenfoldWicked EndTabs
Avenged SevenfoldWish You Were HereChords
Avery AnnaCant Miss You AnymoreChords
Avery AnnaCriticChords