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Browse by Decade: 2020 : Page 227

Artist Sang Type
MegadethA Tout Le MondeTabs
MegadethA Tout Le Monde (Ver2)Tabs
MegadethA Tout Le Monde (Ver3)Tabs
MegadethA Toute Le MondeTabs
MegadethAbsolutionBass tabs
MegadethAddicated To ChaosTabs
MegadethAddicted To ChaosBass tabs
MegadethAddicted To ChaosTabs
MegadethAlmost HonestBass tabs
MegadethAlmost HonestTabs
MegadethAnarchy In The UkBass tabs
MegadethAnarchy In The UkTabs
MegadethAngry AgainBass tabs
MegadethAngry AgainTabs
MegadethAngry Again (Ver2)Tabs
MegadethArchitecture Of AggressionBass tabs
MegadethArchitecture Of AggressionTabs
MegadethAshes In Your MouthBass tabs
MegadethAshes In Your MouthTabs
MegadethBack In The DayBass tabs
MegadethBack In The DayTabs
MegadethBad OmenBass tabs
MegadethBad OmenTabs
MegadethBeginning Of SorrowBass tabs
MegadethBite The HandTabs
MegadethBlack CurtainsBass tabs
MegadethBlack CurtainsTabs
MegadethBlack SwanBass tabs
MegadethBlack SwanTabs
MegadethBlackmail The UniverseBass tabs
MegadethBlackmail The UniverseTabs
MegadethBlood Of HeroesBass tabs
MegadethBlood Of HeroesTabs
MegadethBurning BridgesTabs
MegadethBurnt IceTabs
MegadethCall Of KtuluTabs
MegadethCapitol Punishment The Megadeth YearsTabs
MegadethCaptive HonorBass tabs
MegadethCaptive HonorTabs
MegadethCaptive HonourTabs
MegadethChosen OneBass tabs
MegadethChosen One (Ver2)Bass tabs
MegadethChosen OnesBass tabs
MegadethChosen OnesTabs
MegadethComing HomeTabs
MegadethConquer Or DieTabs
MegadethCountdown To ExtinctionBass tabs
MegadethCountdown To ExtinctionChords
MegadethCrown Of WormsBass tabs
MegadethCrown Of WormsTabs
MegadethCrush EmBass tabs
MegadethCrush EmTabs
MegadethDawn PatrolBass tabs
MegadethDawn PatrolTabs
MegadethDawn Patrol (Ver2)Bass tabs
MegadethDawn Patrol (Ver3)Bass tabs
MegadethDawn PetrolBass tabs
MegadethDeadly NightshadeBass tabs
MegadethDeadly NightshadeTabs
MegadethDevils IslandBass tabs
MegadethDevils IslandTabs
MegadethDiademsBass tabs
MegadethDialectic ChaosBass tabs
MegadethDialectic ChaosTabs
MegadethDie Dead EnoughTabs
MegadethDie DieTabs
MegadethDisconnectBass tabs
MegadethDoctor Is CallingTabs
MegadethDread And The Fugitive MindBass tabs
MegadethDread And The Fugitive MindTabs
MegadethDuke Nukem ThemeBass tabs
MegadethDuke Nukem ThemeTabs
MegadethDuke Nukem Theme (Ver2)Bass tabs
MegadethDuke Nukem Theme (Ver2)Tabs
MegadethDystopiaBass tabs
MegadethElysian FieldsBass tabs
MegadethElysian FieldsTabs
MegadethEnter The ArenaTabs
MegadethFamily TreeBass tabs
MegadethFamily TreeTabs
MegadethFatal IllusionTabs
MegadethFff (Ver2)Tabs
MegadethFight HateTabs
MegadethFive MagicsBass tabs
MegadethFive MagicsChords
MegadethFive MagicsTabs
MegadethFive Magics (Ver2)Tabs