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Artist Sang Type
GorillazPlastic BeachTabs
GorillazRevolving DoorsChords
GorillazRe_hash (Ver2)Chords
GorillazRock The HouseChords
GorillazRock The House UkuleleChords
GorillazRockitBass tabs
GorillazSaturnz BarzBass tabs
GorillazSaturnz BarzChords
GorillazSaturnz BarzTabs
GorillazSaturnz Barz (spirit House) (feat. Popcaan)Chords
GorillazSaturnz Barz AcousticChords
GorillazSex Murder PartyBass tabs
GorillazShes My CollarBass tabs
GorillazShes My CollarChords
GorillazShes My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis)Chords
GorillazShy TownBass tabs
GorillazSleeping PowderChords
GorillazSleeping PowderTabs
GorillazSlow CountryTabs
GorillazSome Kind Of NatureChords
GorillazSouk EyeChords
GorillazSouk EyeTabs
GorillazSound CheckBass tabs
GorillazSound Check GravityBass tabs
GorillazSound Check Gravity UkuleleChords
GorillazSpitting Out The DemonsBass tabs
GorillazSpitting Out The DemonsTabs
GorillazStarshineBass tabs
GorillazStop The DamsChords
GorillazStrobeliteBass tabs
GorillazStyloBass tabs
GorillazSubmissionBass tabs
GorillazSuperfast JellyfishChords
GorillazSuperfast JellyfishTabs
GorillazSweepstakesBass tabs
GorillazThe ApprenticeBass tabs
GorillazThe ApprenticeChords
GorillazThe Lost ChordBass tabs
GorillazThe Pink PhantomChords
GorillazThe Pink Phantom UkuleleChords
GorillazThe SounderChords
GorillazThe Valley Of The PagansBass tabs
GorillazThe Valley Of The PagansChords
GorillazTo BingeBass tabs
GorillazTo BingeChords
GorillazTranz UkuleleChords
GorillazWe Got The PowerChords
GorillazWe Got The Power (feat. Jehnny Beth)Chords
GorillazWelcome To The World Of The Plastic BeachBass tabs
GorillazWhite Light UkuleleChords
Grace DaviesAddicted To BlueChords
Grace DaviesDont GoChords
Grace DaviesInvisibleChords
Grace DaviesRootsChords
Grace DaviesToo YoungChords
Grace DaviesWolvesChords
Grace Vanderwaal12 StarsChords
Grace VanderwaalA Better LifeChords
Grace VanderwaalA Better Life (Ver2)Chords
Grace VanderwaalBasketball Boy UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalBe True To Your SchoolChords
Grace VanderwaalBe True To Your School UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalBeautiful ThingChords
Grace VanderwaalBeautiful Thing UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalBest Friend UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalCity SongChords
Grace VanderwaalClayChords
Grace VanderwaalClay (Ver2)Chords
Grace VanderwaalClearlyBass tabs
Grace VanderwaalClearlyChords
Grace VanderwaalClearlyTabs
Grace VanderwaalClearly (Ver2)Chords
Grace VanderwaalClearly UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalDarkness Keeps Chasing MeChords
Grace VanderwaalDarkness Keeps Chasing Me UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalDont Assume What You Dont KnowBass tabs
Grace VanderwaalDont Assume What You Dont KnowChords
Grace VanderwaalDont Assume What You Dont Know UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalEscape My MindChords
Grace VanderwaalFloretsChords
Grace VanderwaalFlorets (Ver2)Chords
Grace VanderwaalFlorets UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalFree Me UkuleleChords
Grace VanderwaalGive Me LoveChords
Grace VanderwaalGive Me Love Give Me Peace On EarthChords