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Browse by Decade: 2020 : Page 288

Artist Sang Type
PrimusAnti PopTabs
PrimusBallad Of BodaciousTabs
PrimusBobBass tabs
PrimusCamelback CinemaTabs
PrimusCandy ManTabs
PrimusCaptain ShinerBass tabs
PrimusCheer Up CharlieTabs
PrimusConspiranoiaBass tabs
PrimusD M VBass tabs
PrimusDe Anza JigBass tabs
PrimusDe Anza JigChords
PrimusDel Davis Tree FarmBass tabs
PrimusDel Davis Tree FarmTabs
PrimusDevil Went Down To GeorgiaTabs
PrimusDevil Went Down To Georgia (Ver2)Tabs
PrimusEclectic ElectricBass tabs
PrimusElectric Uncle SamBass tabs
PrimusElectric Uncle SamChords
PrimusElevenBass tabs
PrimusEternal Consumption EngineTabs
PrimusFish OnBass tabs
PrimusFrizzle FryBass tabs
PrimusFrizzle FryTabs
PrimusGolden BoyBass tabs
PrimusGreen RangerBass tabs
PrimusGreet The Scared CrowBass tabs
PrimusGround Hogs DayBass tabs
PrimusGround Hogs DayTabs
PrimusGroundhogs DayTabs
PrimusHamburger TrainTabs
PrimusHarold Of The RocksBass tabs
PrimusHats OffBass tabs
PrimusHere Come The BastardsBass tabs
PrimusHere Come The BastardsTabs
PrimusIs It LuckBass tabs
PrimusJerry Was A Race Car DriverTabs
PrimusJerry Was A Racecar DriverBass tabs
PrimusJilly's On SmackTabs
PrimusJohn The FishermanBass tabs
PrimusJohn The FishermanTabs
PrimusJohn The Fisherman (Ver2)Tabs
PrimusJohn The Fisherman1Bass tabs
PrimusLacquer HeadBass tabs
PrimusLacquer HeadTabs
PrimusLast Salmon ManTabs
PrimusLee Van CleefBass tabs
PrimusMaking Plans For NigalTabs
PrimusMaking Plans For NigelChords
PrimusMaking Plans For NigelTabs
PrimusMaster Of PuppetsBass tabs
PrimusMr KnowitallTabs
PrimusMr KrinkleBass tabs
PrimusMr KrinkleChords
PrimusMr KrinkleTabs
PrimusMrs BlaileenBass tabs
PrimusMy Name Is MudBass tabs
PrimusMy Name Is Mud1Bass tabs
PrimusNature BoyBass tabs
PrimusNature BoyTabs
PrimusOn The Tweek AgainBass tabs
PrimusOver The Electric GrapevineTabs
PrimusOver The FallsBass tabs
PrimusPoetry And ProseBass tabs
PrimusPoetry And ProseTabs
PrimusPork ChopTabs
PrimusPork Chops Little DittyTabs
PrimusPork SodaTabs
PrimusPrimus AllBass tabs
PrimusProfessor NutbutterBass tabs
PrimusSailing The Seas Bass tabs
PrimusScissor ManTabs
PrimusSergeant BakerBass tabs
PrimusSgt BakerBass tabs
PrimusSgt BakerTabs
PrimusShake Hands With BeefBass tabs
PrimusShake Hands With BeefTabs
PrimusSinister ExaggeratorTabs
PrimusSouth Park End ThemeTabs
PrimusSouth Park ThemeChords
PrimusSouth Park ThemeTabs
PrimusSouthbound PachydermbBass tabs
PrimusSpagetti WesternBass tabs
PrimusTemporary PhaseBass tabs
PrimusThe Air Is Getting SlipperyBass tabs
PrimusThe AntipopTabs
PrimusThe Devil Went Down To GeorgiaBass tabs
PrimusThe HecklerBass tabs
PrimusThe HecklerTabs