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Artist Sang Type
PlaceboHare KrishnaTabs
PlaceboHk FarewellTabs
PlaceboHold On To MeTabs
PlaceboI KnowTabs
PlaceboI Know You Want To StopTabs
PlaceboIll Be YoursBass tabs
PlaceboIn The Cold Light Of MorningChords
PlaceboJackie UkuleleChords
PlaceboJe Taime Moi Non PlusChords
PlaceboJesus SonChords
PlaceboJohnny And MaryTabs
PlaceboKing Of MedicineChords
PlaceboKings Of MedicineChords
PlaceboKings Of Medicine UkuleleChords
PlaceboKitty LitterChords
PlaceboLady Of The FlowersChords
PlaceboLady Of The FlowersTabs
PlaceboLazarus UkuleleChords
PlaceboLeniBass tabs
PlaceboLoud Like LoveChords
PlaceboMedsBass tabs
PlaceboMeds Acoustic LiveChords
PlaceboMiss MoneypennyTabs
PlaceboMonster TruckChords
PlaceboMy Sweet PrinceTabs
PlaceboMy Sweet Prince (Ver2)Tabs
PlaceboNancy BoyChords
PlaceboNancy BoyTabs
PlaceboOne Of A Kind AcousticChords
PlaceboPassive AggressiveChords
PlaceboPeeping TomChords
PlaceboPeeping TomTabs
PlaceboPierrot The Clown UkuleleChords
PlaceboPlasticineBass tabs
PlaceboPlasticine UkuleleChords
PlaceboPost BlueTabs
PlaceboProtect Me From What I WantBass tabs
PlaceboProtect Me From What I WantTabs
PlaceboProtect Me From What I Want UkuleleChords
PlaceboPure MorningChords
PlaceboPure MorningTabs
PlaceboPure Morning (Ver2)Tabs
PlaceboRob The BankChords
PlaceboRunning Up That HillChords
PlaceboRunning Up That HillTabs
PlaceboRunning Up That Hill (Ver2)Tabs
PlaceboRunning Up That Hill AcousticChords
PlaceboRunning Up That Hill UkuleleChords
PlaceboScared Of GirlsTabs
PlaceboSecond SightBass tabs
PlaceboSecond SightChords
PlaceboSlave To The WageTabs
PlaceboSlave To The Wage UkuleleChords
PlaceboSleeping With GhostsBass tabs
PlaceboSleeping With GhostsChords
PlaceboSleeping With GhostsTabs
PlaceboSomething RottenBass tabs
PlaceboSong To Say GoodbyeChords
PlaceboSong To Say Goodbye AcousticChords
PlaceboSong To Say Goodbye UkuleleChords
PlaceboSpeak In TonguesTabs
PlaceboSpeak In Tongues UkuleleChords
PlaceboSpecial KTabs
PlaceboSpecial K AcousticChords
PlaceboSpecial K UkuleleChords
PlaceboSpecial NeedsBass tabs
PlaceboSpecial NeedsChords
PlaceboSpecial Needs UkuleleChords
PlaceboSummers GoneChords
PlaceboSummers Gone (Ver2)Chords
PlaceboSummers Gone UkuleleChords
PlaceboSurrounded By SpiesChords
PlaceboTaste In MenBass tabs
PlaceboTaste In MenChords
PlaceboTaste In Men LiveTabs
PlaceboTeenage AngstTabs
PlaceboTeenage Angst AcousticChords
PlaceboThe Bitter EndBass tabs
PlaceboThe Bitter EndChords
PlaceboThe Bitter EndTabs
PlaceboThe Bitter End UkuleleChords
PlaceboThe CrawlChords
PlaceboThe CrawlTabs
PlaceboThe Crawl UkuleleChords
PlaceboThe Never-ending Why AcousticChords
PlaceboThe ProdigalChords
PlaceboThis PictureBass tabs
PlaceboThis PictureTabs
PlaceboThis Picture AcousticChords
PlaceboToo Many FriendsChords
PlaceboTwenty YearsChords
PlaceboTwenty YearsTabs
PlaceboTwenty Years (Ver2)Tabs