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  • Joined: 11. Feb 2017
  • Egersund, Norway
  • Electric guitar


Being one of the webmasters of this site. Yes, music is my hobby and so is creating websites. That makes a good mix. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy making it.

Submitted songs

The seven latest submitted songs by Semslem. View all 9 songs.

Artist - Song Type
1 Dads Homeward foundTabs
1 Dads So soldierChord
Zazie Je suis un hommeChord
037 Leo EllasChord
Overkill It livesTabs
Metallica Creeping death (Ver2)Tabs
Accept Breaking up againChord
overkill it lives tabs and chods metallica creeping death ver2 tabs and chods accept breaking up again tabs and chods

View all 9 songs.