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Living in Norway and being one of the webmasters of this site. Yes, music is my hobby and so is creating websites. That makes a good mix. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy making it...

New profilepage here soon

we are currently working on a new and improved profile-page where it will be possible to add edit and delete the songbook again.

Submitted songs

The seven latest submitted songs by Semslem. View all 8 songs.

Artist - Song Type
1 Dads Homeward foundTabs
1 Dads So soldierChord
037 Leo EllasChord
Overkill It livesTabs
Metallica Creeping death (Ver2)Tabs
Accept Breaking up againChord
0 1-1 Gravity No faithTabs
overkill it lives tabs and chods metallica creeping death ver2 tabs and chods accept breaking up again tabs and chods

View all 8 songs.

Songbook and favourite songs

Artist - Song Type
1975 I couldnt be more in loveChord
Adele When we were young liveChord
Anne-marie 2002 (Ver3)Chord
Beatles Here comes the sun (Ver2)Chord
Juan Karlos Labajo BuwanChord
Kelly Tori QuestionsChord
Kiss Love her all i canTabs
Kiss BethChord
Lady Gaga Shallow (A star is born)Chord
Led Zeppelin Stairway to heaven (Easy)Tabs
Metallica Creeping death (Ver2)Tabs
Overkill It livesTabs
Sinatra Frank You make me feel so youngChord
1975 i couldnt be more in love tabs and chods adele when we were young live tabs and chods anne marie 2002 ver3 tabs and chods juan karlos labajo buwan tabs and chods kelly tori questions tabs and chods kiss beth tabs and chods lady gaga shallow a star is born tabs and chods led zeppelin stairway to heaven easy tabs and chods