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  • Joined: 11. Feb 2017
  • Egersund, Norway
  • Electric guitar


Being one of the webmasters of this site. Yes, music is my hobby and so is creating websites. That makes a good mix. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy making it.

Submitted songs

The seven latest submitted songs by Semslem. View all 8 songs.

Artist - Song Type
1 Dads Homeward foundTabs
1 Dads So soldierChord
037 Leo EllasChord
Overkill It livesTabs
Metallica Creeping death (Ver2)Tabs
Accept Breaking up againChord
0 1-1 Gravity No faithTabs
overkill it lives tabs and chods metallica creeping death ver2 tabs and chods accept breaking up again tabs and chods

View all 8 songs.