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Traditional chords and tabs: Page 7

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Song title Type
Onward Christian SoldiersGuitar Tabs
Oom Bossie Van Die BosveldGuitar Chords
Oravan PesäGuitar Chords
Ordunun DereleriGuitar Chords
P Stands For PaddyGuitar Chords
Paa Loftet Sidder NissenGuitar Chords
Packingtons PoundGuitar Chords
Packingtons PoundGuitar Tabs
Paddy Lie BackGuitar Chords
Padstow FarewellGuitar Chords
Pais DinogadGuitar Chords
Pan KrakowiakGuitar Chords
Papas Got A Head Like A Ping Pong BallGuitar Chords
Parabéns A VocêGuitar Chords
Partons La Mer Est BelleGuitar Chords
Pat Terry - He Has Chosen You For MeGuitar Chords
PatakaGuitar Chords
Peace Like A RiverGuitar Tabs
Peace Of The RiverGuitar Chords
Persian Folk Song - Jane MaryamGuitar Chords
Petit Papa NoelGuitar Chords
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - A Serenade To A GirlGuitar Tabs
Pidmanula PidvelaGuitar Chords
Pieni LiekkiGuitar Chords
Piosenka Patriotyczna UkuleleGuitar Chords
Poor Paddy Works On The RailwayGuitar Chords
Popular MallorquinaGuitar Tabs
Por Que Los Niños Lloran Al NacerGuitar Chords
Porilaisten MarssiGuitar Tabs
Pour Un InstantGuitar Chords
President Garfields HornpipeGuitar Tabs
Puolalainen NuotiolauluGuitar Chords
Purea NeiGuitar Chords
Qinghai Tibetan Plateau Qing Zang Gao YuanGuitar Chords
Quannu Te Llai La FacceGuitar Chords
Rasa Sayange UkuleleGuitar Chords
RaubritterGuitar Chords
Real Old Mountain DewGuitar Chords
Red River ValleyGuitar Chords
Red WingGuitar Chords
Reply To The Bonnie Blue FlagGuitar Chords
Resham Fe Re ReGuitar Tabs
ReveilleGuitar Tabs
RezerwaGuitar Chords
Rizende SimmermoarnGuitar Chords
Rockabye BabyGuitar Chords
Rockabye BabyGuitar Tabs
Rocks Of BawnGuitar Chords
Roll Out The BarrelGuitar Chords
Roll The Old Chariot AlongGuitar Chords
RomanceGuitar Tabs
Romance De EspanaGuitar Tabs
RomanzaGuitar Tabs
Rose Of AlabamaGuitar Chords
Rose Rose And Up She RisesGuitar Chords
Rosin The BeauGuitar Chords
Rouget De Lisle - La MarseillaiseGuitar Tabs
Running AroundGuitar Intro
Russian ChastushkiGuitar Chords
Russian National AnthemBass Tabs
Russian National AnthemGuitar Tabs
Russian National Anthem (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Saddle The PonyGuitar Tabs
Sai Anju Ma AuGuitar Chords
Sail Baby Sail UkuleleGuitar Chords
Sailors HornpipeBass Tabs
Sailors HornpipeGuitar Tabs
SakuraGuitar Chords
SakuraGuitar Tabs
Sakura Sakura UkuleleGuitar Chords
Sankt MartinGuitar Chords
Sankt Martin Ritt Durch Schnee Und Wind UkuleleGuitar Chords
Santa Claus Is Coming To TownGuitar Chords
Sari GelinGuitar Chords
Saudi Arabia National AnthemGuitar Tabs
Scarborough FairGuitar Chords
Scarborough FairGuitar Tabs
Scarborough Fair UkuleleGuitar Chords
Scheu Füss Na RandulinaGuitar Chords
Schiafe AbsetzGuitar Chords
Schnaps Du Edler GötterfunkeGuitar Chords
SchoschonenGuitar Chords
Schwarze MadonnaGuitar Chords
Selamat Ulang TahunGuitar Chords
Sen Gelmez OldunGuitar Chords
Send The LightGuitar Chords
Senhora CegonhaGuitar Chords
Sevivon Sov Sov Sov UkuleleGuitar Chords
Shady GroveGuitar Chords
Shalom AleichemGuitar Chords
Shell Be Coming Around The MountainGuitar Tabs
Shell Be Coming Round The MountainGuitar Chords
Shell Be Coming Round The Mountain UkuleleGuitar Chords
Shenandoah UkuleleGuitar Chords
Shew FlyGuitar Chords
Shiawasette Nan DarouGuitar Chords
Shootin With RasputinGuitar Chords
Shoshone Love Song - The Hearts FriendGuitar Chords