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Midnight Oil chords and tabs

Midnight Oil tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Midnight Oil. Learn songs like Blue Sky Mine, Gravelrash, Minutes To Midnight, Stars Of Warburton and Wedding Cake Island easy.

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Song title Type
Angels Of The SilencesGuitar Chords
AntarcticaGuitar Chords
Arctic WorldBass Tabs
Arctic WorldGuitar Chords
Arctic World (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Armistice DayGuitar Tabs
Back On The BorderlineGuitar Chords
BakermanGuitar Tabs
Bedlam BridgeBass Tabs
Bedlam BridgeGuitar Chords
Beds Are BurningBass Tabs
Beds Are BurningGuitar Chords
Beds Are BurningGuitar Tabs
Beds Are Burning (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Bells And Horns In The Back Of BeyondGuitar Tabs
Best Of Both WorldsGuitar Chords
Blossom And BloodGuitar Tabs
Blue Sky MineBass Tabs
Blue Sky MineGuitar Chords
Blue Sky MiningGuitar Tabs
BullroarerBass Tabs
BullroarerGuitar Chords
BullroarerGuitar Tabs
BurnieBass Tabs
BurnieGuitar Tabs
BushfireBass Tabs
BushfireGuitar Chords
BushfireGuitar Tabs
Dream WorldGuitar Tabs
DreamworldBass Tabs
Drums Of HeavenBass Tabs
Drums Of HeavenGuitar Tabs
DustGuitar Chords
DustGuitar Tabs
E-beatGuitar Tabs
Earth And Sun And MoonBass Tabs
Earth And Sun And MoonGuitar Chords
Forgotten YearsBass Tabs
Forgotten YearsGuitar Tabs
Gadigal LandGuitar Intro
Golden AgeGuitar Chords
GravelrashGuitar Tabs
HerculesGuitar Chords
HerculesGuitar Tabs
I'm The CureGuitar Chords
In The ValleyBass Tabs
In The ValleyGuitar Chords
Jimmy Sharmans BoxersGuitar Tabs
King Of The MountainBass Tabs
King Of The MountainGuitar Tabs
Knifes EdgeGuitar Chords
Koala SprintGuitar Tabs
KociuszkoGuitar Tabs
KosciouskoBass Tabs
KosciuskoGuitar Chords
Luritja WayGuitar Chords
MaralingaGuitar Tabs
Minutes To MidnightBass Tabs
Minutes To MidnightGuitar Tabs
Mosquito MarchGuitar Tabs
My CountGuitar Tabs
My CountryBass Tabs
My CountryGuitar Tabs
Naked FlameGuitar Tabs
No Time For GamesGuitar Tabs
One CountryGuitar Chords
Only The StrongGuitar Tabs
Outbreak Of LoveGuitar Chords
Outbreak Of LoveGuitar Tabs
PicturesGuitar Chords
PicturesGuitar Tabs
PowderworksBass Tabs
PowderworksGuitar Tabs
Power And The PassionGuitar Chords
ProfiteersGuitar Tabs
ProgressGuitar Solo
Put Down That WeaponBass Tabs
Put Down That WeaponGuitar Tabs
Read About ItBass Tabs
Read About ItGuitar Tabs
Renaissance ManGuitar Tabs
Rising SeasGuitar Chords
River Runs RedBass Tabs
River Runs RedGuitar Chords
River Runs RedGuitar Tabs
Run By NightGuitar Chords
Scream In BlueGuitar Chords
Sell My SoulGuitar Tabs
Shakers And MoversBass Tabs
Shakers And MoversGuitar Chords
Ships Of FreedomGuitar Chords
Short MemoryBass Tabs
Short MemoryGuitar Tabs
SleepBass Tabs
SleepGuitar Tabs
Somebodys Trying To Tell Me SomethingGuitar Solo
Someone Else To BlameGuitar Tabs