Marillion chords and tabs

Marillion, play guitar in the style of, are a British rock band, formed in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, in 1979. Want to be the new Steve Rothery? Learn Kayleigh and Thousand faces with these Marillion tabs and chords. Be a Progressive rock and neo-progressive rock guitar player and play your strings in the same way as Marillion, Steve Hogarth and How We Live.

Fans have enjoyed Marillion songs like B Sides Themselves and Afraid of Sunlight since 1979. For more information and the latest updates, check the website

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80 days (Chords)Guitar chords
A legacy (Tabs)Guitar tabs
A state of mind (Chords)Guitar chords
After me (Chords)Guitar chords
After me (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
Assasing song (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Asylum satelite (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Beautiful (Intro)Guitar intro
Bitter suite (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Chelsea monday (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Childhoods end (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Cinderella search (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Cover my eyes (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Don't hurt yourself (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Dry land (Chords)Guitar chords
Dry land (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Easter (Chords)Guitar chords
Easter (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Emerald lies (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Exile on Princes Street (Chords)Guitar chords
Fantastic place (Chords)Guitar chords
Fantastic place (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
Fugazi (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Garden party (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Garden party (Ver2) (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Going down (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Grendel (Tabs)Guitar tabs
He knows you know (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Heart of lothian (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Hollow man (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Incubus (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Its not your fault (Chords)Guitar chords
Just for the record (Tabs)Guitar tabs

Top 3 'Kayleigh' guitar chords and tabs

Top 3 Kayleigh chords and tabs

1.1. Kayleigh (Tabs)Guitar tabs
2.2. Kayleigh (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
3.3. Kayleigh (Chords)Guitar chords
Lavender (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Man of a thousand faces (Chords)Guitar chords
Map of the world (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Marbles iii (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Memory of water (Chords)Guitar chords
Misplaced childhood (Chords)Guitar chords
Misplaced childhood (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Neverland (Chords)Guitar chords
Neverland (Tabs)Guitar tabs
New kings (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Now shell never know (Chords)Guitar chords
Number one (Chords)Guitar chords

Top 3 'One Fine Day' guitar chords and tabs

Top 3 One Fine Day chords and tabs

1.1. One fine day (Ver2) (Tabs)Guitar tabs
2.2. One fine day (Tabs)Guitar tabs
3.3. One fine day (Chords)Guitar chords
Out of this world (Intro)Guitar intro
Punch and judy (Chords)Guitar chords
Quartz (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Real tears for sale (Chords)Guitar chords
Script for a jesters tear (Bass)Bass tabs
Script for a jesters tear (Chords)Guitar chords
Seasons end (Chords)Guitar chords
Somewhere else (Chords)Guitar chords
Splintering heart (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Sugar mice (Bass)Bass tabs
Sugar mice (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Sugar mice (Ver2) (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The king of sunset (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The last straw (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This is the 21st century (Chords)Guitar chords
This is the 21st century (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This town (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This train is my life (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This train is my life (Intro)Guitar intro
Thousand faces (Chords)Guitar chords
Tux on (Tabs)Guitar tabs
When I meet god (Chords)Guitar chords
White feather (Tabs)Guitar tabs
White russian (Tabs)Guitar tabs