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Yeah Yeah Yeahs chords for Hyperballad

Guitar chords with lyrics

they sent to the great singer (Björk, of course). That songs appears in "Master", a cd
rarities and etc. The only part that they play is the chorus, so here it is:

     A chord diagramBB            (IV 2/4)
I go through all this
before you wake up
             A chord diagramBB  (IV 2/4)
so I can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

(use the same chords that appears in the chorus)
I'm back at my cliff
Still throughing stills off
I listen to the sound they make
Under way down
When my eyes be to close to open

Here nick plays this chords (maybe is not, but it's close)

A chord diagramC#C#   X4

this chords sounds better if you play it with bars, every chord in the song:

B: 224432  or  799877
C#: 446664 or 9-11-11-10-9-9-|
F#: 244322 or 9-9-11-11-11-9-|
F®: 234422 or 9-9-10-11-11-9-|
G#: 466544
Bbm: 113321 or 688666

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