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Throwing Muses tabs for Pearl

Guitar tabs with lyrics


transcribed by edmond hum (rlp@interlog.com)

Basic chords: Dmin, F, A chord diagramC majorC (in weirdish shapes, tabs follow)

Fmaj            A chord diagramC majorC           Dmin
e--O            e--O            e--1
b--1            b--1            b--3
g--2            g--O            g--2
d--3            d--2            d--O
a--X            a--3            a--X
E--X            E--X            E--X


A chord diagramFMaj9Fmaj9           A chord diagramC majorC              Dmin                 rep: Dmin

That vamped chord that comes between verses and before the middle 8 is
the A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7

Here's the little fill-up that comes at the beginning and between verses:

A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7

So the verse would be like: (forgive me for I'm doing this from memory
and I'll definitly get the lyrics wrong)

A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7       CCŠ
A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7 (vamp to fill)

You get the picture.

As for the bridge, it's a pretty simple ascending line, but fuck me if I
can figure out the bleeding key, though I think it's from A chord diagramA augmentedA so:

A chord diagramA augmentedA - A chord diagramBB - A chord diagramC majorC - A chord diagramD MajorD

All majors, and each last for a full measure before changing.  If you have
any better ideas, please tell me.  I haven't figured out the solos, I
tend just to go a touch off my head and improvise, but I'll work on it and
get you that in the future.

Another hint, I know Kristen plays it like I wrote it above, but when I
first started work on it I played a slightly (only very) different way,
that was easier and sounded smashing:

Simply substitute these chords for the original ones (same root):

A chord diagramF6F6          A chord diagramC9C9          A chord diagramD9D9
e--O            e--O            e--O
b--3            b--3            b--3
g--2            g--O            g--2
d--3            d--2            d--0
a--X            a--3            a--X
E--X            E--X            E--X

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