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Desert Island Disk by Radiohead


Tuning: DADGAD tuning

Capo 5th fret

  Riff 1                  Riff 2
Chord diagramG+G|------5h7----------0----0----0--0--0-----|--5h7----------0----0----0---------|
Chord diagramD MajorD|--0---0---5h7p0----0----0----0--2--0--0--|--0---5h7p0----0----0----0------0--|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|--0---0---0-----0--5----2----3--------0--|--0---0-----0--5----3----3p2p0--0--|
Chord diagramD MajorD|--0---0---0-----0--0----0----0--------0--|--0---0-----0--0----0----0------0--|

Verse 1:

Now as I go upon my way
So let me go
Upon my way
Born of a light
Born of a light
Verse 2:

The wind rushing round my open heart
An open ravine
In my spirit white
Totally alive
In my spirit light

Verse 3:

Through an open doorway
Across a street
To another life
And catching my reflection in a window
Switching on a light
One I didn’t know
Totally alive
Totally released

Verse 4:

aking, waking up from shutdown
From a thousand years of sleep
Yeah you, you know what I mean
You know what I mean
You know what I mean

Verse 5:

Standing on the edge of you
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
Different types of love
Different types of love
Different types of love
Are possible
Are possible
Are possible
Are possible

Desert Island Disk tab

Radiohead tabs for Desert island disk "Desert Island Disk" is a song from English art-rockers Radiohead's 9th album, "A Moon Shaped Pool". "Desert Island Disk" is written by Radiohead.

Guitars on "Desert Island Disk" is played by Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien.

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