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Patrice chords for Up in my room

Guitar chords with lyrics

Intro (live in Paris):
A chord diagramFF
Play the A chord diagramBb majorBb and the A chord diagramD#D# with a Barre on the 6th Fr and the A chord diagramFF with a Barre on the 8th Fr.

A chord diagramFF
Play it like the Intro
Chourus 1:

A chord diagramFF
When I`m up in my room (and I`m thinkin`of you)
And I`m thinkin`of you (when I`m up in my room)
I`m just finding my way to this scenes today
just let the music play

Emancipate in my add( )
From Hollywood love to manic people of god
Emancipate in my mind
From a system designed yeah to the limeted of( ) kind
But I leave that behind

Chorus 1

Left through the eyes on the beach
Planned a family tree and live in harmony
Only in love we are free
That`s why I`m down on my knees
Yeah to make you my queen
My mind and I don`t makin`peace
Didn`t come ya to please
Nobody but ya let my colours increase
Let us run to the east
Let my us look for the keys
that can not underrooms( )
Yeah check up Patrice



When I`m up in my room (and I`m thinkin`of you)
And I`m thinkin`(when I`m up in my room)
That....... under my feet oh this feeling so sweet
So would you dance with me

We all want love and happiness
as long as theres a heart within our chest
believe in yourself and love will do the rest
mmh we have to manifest
some wanna understand some overstand
some wanna live some wanna be lived by than
for others that donĀ“t know what I`m sayin`
let me breake it down again

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