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Yoko Ono chords and tabs

Yoko Ono tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Yoko Ono. Learn songs like Im Dying, Move On Fast, Mrs Lennon, Toyboat and What A Bastard The World Is easy.

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Song title Type
Approximately Infinite UniverseGuitar Chords
Children PowerGuitar Chords
Death Of SamanthaGuitar Chords
Don T Know WhyGuitar Chords
Even When You're Far AwayGuitar Chords
Goodbye SadnessGuitar Chords
Hell In ParadiseGuitar Chords
I Love All Of MeGuitar Chords
I Love You EarthGuitar Chords
I Want You To Remember Me BGuitar Tabs
I'm DyingGuitar Tabs
It HappenedGuitar Chords
Let Me Count The Ways DemoGuitar Chords
Listen The Snow Is FallingGuitar Chords
Mother Of The UniverseGuitar Chords
Move On FastGuitar Chords
Mrs LennonGuitar Tabs
No No NoGuitar Chords
O SanityGuitar Chords
Remember LoveGuitar Chords
Rising IiGuitar Chords
Secret PieceGuitar Tabs
She Gets Down On Her KneesGuitar Chords
Silver HorseGuitar Chords
Sky PeopleGuitar Chords
Talking To The UniverseGuitar Chords
Teddy BearGuitar Chords
ToyboatGuitar Chords
Two Minutes SilenceGuitar Tabs
Walking On Thin IceBass Tabs
Walking On Thin IceGuitar Chords
Walking On Thin IceGuitar Tabs
WarzoneGuitar Chords
What A Bastard The World IsGuitar Chords
What A MessGuitar Chords
Where Do We Go From HereGuitar Chords
Who Has Seen The WindGuitar Chords
WhyGuitar Chords
Woman PowerGuitar Chords
Wouldnit SwingGuitar Chords
Yes I'm A WitchGuitar Chords
Yes I'm A WitchGuitar Tabs