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Muse chords for Sing for absolution


This one of Muse's more artistry driven pieces, in my opinion, although it
doesn't lose it's intensity and epicness (is that even a word ). Anyway the
chords are as follows:

Intro/Prechorus/Verse: Dm, Bb, E, A7.

Chord diagramDmDm                       Chord diagramBb majorBb
Lips are turning blue, a kiss that can't renew,

  Chord diagramE MajorE                     Chord diagramA7A7
I only dream of you, my beautiful.

Same for second verse.


Chord diagramC majorC             Chord diagramG minorGm         Chord diagramC majorC
  Sing for absolution, I will be singing, and

                Chord diagramG minorGm
falling from your grace, oooooh.

Repeat both of these. For best results, listen to the song closely.
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Sing For Absolution' by Muse, an alternative rock band formed in 1994 from Teignmouth, England. Muse is known for their rousing rock/pop music.

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