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Motörhead chords and tabs

Motörhead tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Motörhead. Learn songs like Ace Of Spades, Be My Baby, Its All About The Game, Line In The Sand and Lost In The Ozone easy.

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Song title Type
Ace Of SpadesBass Tabs
Ace Of SpadesGuitar Chords
Ace Of SpadesGuitar Tabs
Ace Of Spades (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Ace Of Spades (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Ace Of Spades AcousticGuitar Tabs
Ace Of Spades UkuleleGuitar Chords
Ace Of Spades2Guitar Tabs
Another Perfect DayGuitar Tabs
Bad ReligionGuitar Tabs
Bad Religion (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Bang To RightsGuitar Tabs
Be My BabyGuitar Chords
Be My BabyGuitar Tabs
BomberGuitar Tabs
BoogeymanBass Tabs
Born To LoseGuitar Intro
Born To Raise HellGuitar Chords
Brave New WorldGuitar Chords
Built For SpeedGuitar Tabs
Cat Scratch FeverGuitar Chords
ChristineGuitar Tabs
Civil WarGuitar Tabs
Damage CaseGuitar Tabs
Damage Case (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Dancing On Your GraveGuitar Chords
Dancing On Your GraveGuitar Tabs
Deaf ForeverGuitar Tabs
Devils In My HeadGuitar Tabs
Do You BelieveBass Tabs
Don't Let Daddy Kiss MeGuitar Chords
Don't Let Daddy Kiss MeGuitar Tabs
Don't Need ReligionGuitar Tabs
Dr RockGuitar Tabs
Eat The RichGuitar Tabs
ElectricityGuitar Chords
Go To HellGuitar Tabs
God Save The QueenGuitar Tabs
God Was Never On Your SideGuitar Chords
God Was Never On Your SideGuitar Intro
HeartbreakerGuitar Tabs
HeroesGuitar Chords
I Ain't A Nice GuyGuitar Chords
I Ain't No Nice GuyGuitar Chords
I Ain't No Nice Guy (Ver2)Guitar Chords
I Am The SwordGuitar Tabs
I Don't Believe A WordGuitar Tabs
I Know How To DieBass Tabs
I'm The DoctorGuitar Tabs
I'm Your ManGuitar Tabs
In The Year Of The WolfGuitar Tabs
Iron HorseGuitar Tabs
Iron Horse Born To LoseGuitar Tabs
Its All About The GameGuitar Tabs
Just Cos You Got The PowerGuitar Tabs
Killed By DeathBass Tabs
Killed By DeathGuitar Tabs
Killed By Death (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
King Of KingsGuitar Chords
Line In The SandGuitar Tabs
Lost In The OzoneGuitar Tabs
Lost Woman BluesGuitar Chords
Loui LouiGuitar Tabs
Louie LouieBass Tabs
Louie LouieGuitar Chords
Love For SaleBass Tabs
Marching Off To WarGuitar Tabs
MetropolisGuitar Chords
No ClassBass Tabs
No ClassGuitar Chords
On Parole UkuleleGuitar Chords
One More Fucking TimeGuitar Chords
OrgasmatronGuitar Chords
OverkillBass Tabs
OverkillGuitar Tabs
Please Don't TouchBass Tabs
Please Don't TouchGuitar Chords
RamonesGuitar Tabs
Rock N Roll MusicGuitar Tabs
SacrificeBass Tabs
Sex And DeathGuitar Tabs
Shut Your MouthGuitar Tabs
Snake Bite LoveGuitar Chords
Snake Bite LoveGuitar Tabs
SpeedfreakGuitar Tabs
StandBass Tabs
Take The BlameGuitar Tabs
The Chase Is Better Then The CatchGuitar Tabs
The GameGuitar Chords
The GameGuitar Tabs
The HammerGuitar Tabs
Them Not MeGuitar Tabs
This Is The EndGuitar Tabs
Till The EndGuitar Chords
Till The End (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Too Late Too LateGuitar Tabs
VibratorGuitar Chords