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Mötley Crüe chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by Mötley Crüe
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Mötley Crüe. Learn songs like Anarchy In The Uk, Crash and Burn, Hollywood Ending, If I Die Tomorrow Acoustic and Saints Of Los Angeles easy.

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Song title Type
AfraidBass Tabs
AfraidGuitar Tabs
All Bad Things Must EndBass Tabs
All Bad Things Must EndGuitar Tabs
All In The Name OfBass Tabs
All In The Name OfGuitar Tabs
American ZeroGuitar Tabs
Anarchy In The UkBass Tabs
Anarchy In The UkGuitar Tabs
Anarchy In The Uk (Ver2)Bass Tabs
AngelaBass Tabs
Bad Boy BoogieBass Tabs
Bad Boy BoogieGuitar Tabs
BastardBass Tabs
BastardGuitar Tabs
BeautyBass Tabs
BeautyGuitar Tabs
Bitter PillBass Tabs
Bitter PillGuitar Solo
Black WidowGuitar Tabs
BrandonGuitar Tabs
ChickstroubleGuitar Tabs
City Boy BluesBass Tabs
City Boy BluesGuitar Tabs
City Boy Blues (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Come On And DanceBass Tabs
Come On And DanceGuitar Tabs
Crash And BurnBass Tabs
Crash And BurnGuitar Tabs
Dancing On GlassBass Tabs
Dancing On GlassGuitar Tabs
DangerBass Tabs
Doctor FeelgoodGuitar Chords
Doctor FeelgoodGuitar Tabs
Don't Go Away MadGuitar Chords
Don't Go Away MadGuitar Tabs
Don't Go Away Mad Just Go AwayBass Tabs
Don't Go Away Mad Just Go AwayGuitar Chords
Don't Go Away Mad Just Go AwayGuitar Tabs
Don't Go Away Mad Just Go Away (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Down At The WhiskeyBass Tabs
Dr FeelgoodBass Tabs
Dr FeelgoodGuitar Chords
Dr FeelgoodGuitar Tabs
Dr Feelgood (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Dr Feelgood (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Dr. FeelgoodBass Tabs
Dr. FeelgoodGuitar Tabs
Dragstrip SuperstarGuitar Tabs
DriftawayGuitar Chords
DriftawayGuitar Tabs
EnslavedBass Tabs
EnslavedGuitar Tabs
Face Down In The DirtBass Tabs
Face Down In The DirtGuitar Tabs
FakeBass Tabs
FakeGuitar Tabs
FatherGuitar Tabs
Fight For Your RightsGuitar Tabs
Find MyselfGuitar Chords
Find MyselfGuitar Tabs
First Band On The MoonGuitar Tabs
Five Years DeadBass Tabs
Generation SwineBass Tabs
Generation SwineGuitar Intro
Girls Girls GirlsBass Tabs
Girls Girls GirlsGuitar Tabs
Girls Girls Girls (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Girls, Girls, GirlsBass Tabs
Girls, Girls, GirlsGuitar Tabs
Girls, Girls, Girls (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
GlitterGuitar Chords
God Bless The Children Of The BeastGuitar Tabs
Goin Out SwinginGuitar Intro
HammeredBass Tabs
HammeredGuitar Tabs
Hell On High HeelsBass Tabs
Hell On High HeelsGuitar Tabs
Helter SkelterBass Tabs
Helter Skelter (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Hollywood EndingGuitar Chords
Home Sweet HomeBass Tabs
Home Sweet HomeGuitar Chords
Home Sweet HomeGuitar Tabs
Hooligans HolidayGuitar Tabs
Hotter Than HellBass Tabs
If I Die TomorrowBass Tabs
If I Die TomorrowGuitar Tabs
If I Die Tomorrow AcousticGuitar Chords
Just Another PsychoBass Tabs
Just Another PsychoGuitar Tabs
Keep Your Eye On The MoneyGuitar Tabs
Kickstart My HeartBass Tabs
Kickstart My HeartGuitar Chords
Kickstart My HeartGuitar Solo
Kickstart My HeartGuitar Tabs
Kickstart My Heart (Ver2)Guitar Chords