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Mckinley Morganfield chords for Rock me baby

Chords with lyrics

Please help me complete the lyrics. Thanks in advance.
PS: The I, IV and V are the chords relative to the key, for
instance in the key of G: G, C, D.

~Title:	Rock me Baby
{ Verse 1 }

|: I		| I		| I		|
Rock me Baby, I want to you to rock ...
| IV		| IV		:|
| I		| I		| I		|
Yeah, I want you to rock me Baby, like ...
| V				| IV				|

{ Verse 2 }

Rock me in the ...- - (2 x)
Yeah, I want you to rock me Baby....

{Verse 3 }

Just roll your lover, like you ....

{Instrumental Verse }

Yeah, oh yeah.

{Verse 4 }

So you're out and around me Baby, like ...(2 x)
I want you to call, call me daddy, ...

{ Outro }

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ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Rock Me Baby' by Mckinley Morganfield, McKinley Morganfield, a male blues artist from Mississippi, USA. Mckinley Morganfield was born in 1913. He passed away in 1983. Mckinley Morganfield was known for his good natured blues music.

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