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The Moody Blues chords and tabs

The Moody Blues tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Moody Blues. Learn songs like Actor, Best Way To Travel, Blue World, Lazy Day and The Story In Your Eyes easy.

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Song title Type
ActorGuitar Chords
Best Way To TravelGuitar Chords
Bless The WingsGuitar Chords
Blue GuitarGuitar Chords
Blue WorldGuitar Chords
Candle Of LifeGuitar Chords
Candle Of Life (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Canle Of LifeGuitar Tabs
Dawn Is A FeelingGuitar Chords
Day We Meet AgainGuitar Chords
Dear DiaryGuitar Chords
DeepGuitar Chords
Don't Need A ReindeerGuitar Chords
Don't You Feel SmallGuitar Chords
DriftwoodGuitar Chords
Eternity RoadGuitar Chords
Eyes Of A Child Pt2Guitar Chords
FloatingBass Tabs
FloatingGuitar Chords
For My LadyGuitar Chords
Forever AfternoonGuitar Tabs
Forever Afternoon TuesdayGuitar Tabs
Forever AutumnGuitar Chords
Forever Autumn (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Go NowBass Tabs
Go NowGuitar Chords
Go Now (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Had To Fall In LoveGuitar Chords
Happy Xmas War Is OverGuitar Chords
Have You HeardGuitar Chords
HighwayGuitar Chords
House Of Four DoorsGuitar Chords
House Of Four Doors Part IGuitar Chords
I Haven't Really Got The TimeGuitar Chords
I Know You're Out There SomewhereGuitar Chords
I'm Just A SingerBass Tabs
I'm Your ManGuitar Chords
In My WorldGuitar Chords
IslandGuitar Chords
Isn't Life StrangeGuitar Chords
It May Be A FireGuitar Chords
Its Cold Outside Of Your HeartGuitar Chords
Lazy DayGuitar Chords
Legend Of A MindGuitar Chords
Love And BeautyGuitar Chords
Love Don't Come EasyGuitar Tabs
Lovely To See YouGuitar Chords
MeanwhileGuitar Chords
Meanwhile AcousticGuitar Chords
Meet Me HalfwayGuitar Chords
Melancholy ManGuitar Chords
NervousGuitar Chords
Never Blame The RainbowsGuitar Chords
Never Comes The DayGuitar Chords
New HorizonsGuitar Chords
Nights In White SatinBass Tabs
Nights In White SatinGuitar Chords
Nights In White SatinGuitar Tabs
Nights In White Satin (Ver2)Guitar Chords
No More LiesGuitar Chords
One More Time To LiveGuitar Chords
One Step Into The LightGuitar Chords
QuestionBass Tabs
QuestionGuitar Chords
QuestionsGuitar Chords
Remember Me (my Friend)Guitar Chords
Remember Me My FriendGuitar Chords
Ride My See-sawGuitar Chords
Ride My See-sawGuitar Chords
Send Me No WineGuitar Chords
Shadows On The WallGuitar Tabs
Simple GameGuitar Chords
So Deep Within YouGuitar Chords
Steppin In A Slide ZoneBass Tabs
StopBass Tabs
Strange TimesGuitar Chords
Sun Is Still ShiningGuitar Chords
SunsetGuitar Chords
SurvivalGuitar Chords
Talking Out Of TurnGuitar Chords
The Afternoon Evening Time To Get AwayGuitar Chords
The Story InGuitar Tabs
The Story In Your EyesBass Tabs
The Story In Your EyesGuitar Chords
The VoiceGuitar Chords
This Is The MomentGuitar Chords
To Share Our LoveGuitar Chords
Top Rank SuiteGuitar Chords
Tortoise And The HareGuitar Chords
TregardockGuitar Chords
Tuesday AfternoonGuitar Chords
Tuesday Afternoon (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Twilight TimeGuitar Chords
Under MoonshineGuitar Chords
Visions Of ParadiseGuitar Chords
VoiceGuitar Chords
VoiceGuitar Tabs