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Misc Comp Games chords and tabs

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Misc Comp Games. Learn songs like Final Fantasy Town, Halo 2 Theme, Mario 2 Six Golden Coins, Zelda Eponas Song and Zelda Labrynth easy.

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Song title Type
2 Zelda TabsGuitar Tabs
Bubble BobbleGuitar Tabs
Diablo1 CityGuitar Tabs
Doom Level IGuitar Tabs
Dragon Warrior 1Guitar Tabs
Final Fandtasy X Hymn Of The FaythGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy 1Guitar Tabs
Final Fantasy 2 ThemeGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy 7 AirshipGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy IiiGuitar Chords
Final Fantasy IxGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Ix Frontier Village DaliGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Maytoyas CaveGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy PreludeGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy TownGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Vi Opening SequenceGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Vi SnowfieldGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy ViiGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Vii PreludeGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy ViiiGuitar Tabs
Final Fantasy Xi Batallia DownsGuitar Tabs
Halo (vocals)Guitar Tabs
Halo 2 ThemeGuitar Tabs
Halo Theme SongGuitar Tabs
Interstate 76Guitar Tabs
KalinkaGuitar Tabs
Katamari Damacy OverworldGuitar Tabs
Manic MinerGuitar Tabs
Mario 2 Six Golden CoinsGuitar Tabs
Mario UndergroundBass Tabs
Metal Gear SolidGuitar Tabs
Metal Gear Solid 2Guitar Tabs
Punchout FightGuitar Tabs
Runescape Theme SongGuitar Tabs
Secret Of Mana Underground PalaceGuitar Tabs
Shining ForceGuitar Tabs
SilkwormGuitar Tabs
Street Fighter ExGuitar Tabs
Street Fighter2Guitar Tabs
Super Mario Bros ThemeGuitar Tabs
Super Mario Bros Worlds One And TwoGuitar Tabs
Super Mario Brothers Dungeon ThemeGuitar Tabs
Super Mario Brothers Overworld ThemeGuitar Tabs
Super Mario Brothers ThemeGuitar Tabs
Super Mario SongGuitar Tabs
Tetris Music AGuitar Tabs
Tetris Music CGuitar Tabs
Tetris OzmaGuitar Tabs
Ultima 6 And 7Guitar Tabs
Zelda 1 Game OverGuitar Tabs
Zelda 2 ThemeGuitar Tabs
Zelda Eponas SongGuitar Tabs
Zelda LabrynthGuitar Tabs
Zelda Overworld ThemeGuitar Tabs
Zelda ThemeGuitar Tabs