Mindless Self Indulgence chords and tabs

Most popular songs by Mindless Self Indulgence are Shut Me Up, Pantyshot, Ass Backwards, For The Love Of God, Prescription.

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Ass backwards (Bass)Bass tabs
Bed of roses (Bass)Bass tabs
Bitches bass (Bass)Bass tabs
Bite your rhymes (Bass)Bass tabs
Boomin (Bass)Bass tabs
Brooklyn hype live (Bass)Bass tabs
Cocaine and toupees (Bass)Bass tabs
Evening wear (Bass)Bass tabs
For the love of god (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Golden i (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Kick the bucket (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Kill the rock (Bass)Bass tabs
Molly (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Molly live (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Money (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Pantyshot (Bass)Bass tabs
Prescription (Bass)Bass tabs
Shut me up (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Stay home (Tabs)Guitar tabs
This isn't good (Bass)Bass tabs
Tight (Bass)Bass tabs
Tornado (Bass)Bass tabs
Witness (Bass)Bass tabs
Witness (Tabs)Guitar tabs