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George Michael chords for Faith

Guitar chords

Album: Faith
This version transcribed by: Matt Stevenson<mtsteve77@hotmail.com>

x = muted string

Capo 1st fret

Chords used:

  A chord diagramBB  A chord diagramE MajorE  A chord diagramG#G#  A chord diagramC# minorC#m  A chord diagramF#F#

  7  7  4   4    2
  9  7  6   4    4
  9  9  6   6    4
  8  9  5   6    3
  7  9  4   5    2
  7  x  4   4    2

I agree with the previous posting that the song is primarily A chord diagramBB and A chord diagramE MajorE bar
chords, but after listening to the CD, I believe this is the complete
correct version.  The song starts on A chord diagramBB and alternates between A chord diagramBB & A chord diagramE MajorE for the
most part but if you listen to the CD, you can figure out where the other 3
chords go.  Listen to the song to figure out the strumming patterns.

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Faith' by George Michael, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, a male pop artist from East Finchley, England. George Michael was born in 1963. He passed away in 2016. George Michael was known for his bittersweet rock/pop music.

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