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Natalie Merchant chords and tabs

Natalie Merchant tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Natalie Merchant. Learn songs like Carnival, Letter, The Letter, Where I Go and Where I Go (Ver2) easy.

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Song title Type
Beloved WifeGuitar Chords
Break Your HeartGuitar Chords
Break Your Heart (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Build A LeveeGuitar Chords
CarnivalBass Tabs
CarnivalGuitar Chords
CarnivalGuitar Tabs
Carnival (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Children Go Where I Send TheeGuitar Chords
Cowboy RomanceGuitar Chords
Cowboy RomanceGuitar Tabs
Crazy Man MichaelGuitar Chords
EquestrienneGuitar Chords
Golden BoyGuitar Chords
Gulf Of ArabyGuitar Chords
If No One Ever Marries MeGuitar Chords
I'm Not Gonna BegGuitar Chords
JealousyGuitar Chords
JealousyGuitar Tabs
Just Can't LastGuitar Chords
Kind And GenerousGuitar Chords
King Of MayGuitar Chords
LadybirdGuitar Chords
Last King Of MayGuitar Tabs
LetterGuitar Chords
Life Is SweetGuitar Chords
Maggie And Millie And Molly And MayGuitar Chords
MotherlandGuitar Chords
My SkinGuitar Chords
My Skin (Ver2)Guitar Chords
OpheliaGuitar Chords
OwensboroGuitar Chords
RiverGuitar Chords
Saint JudasGuitar Chords
Sally AnnGuitar Chords
Sally Ann (Ver2)Guitar Chords
San Andreas FaultGuitar Chords
Seven YearsGuitar Chords
Spring And Fall To A Young ChildGuitar Chords
Tell YourselfGuitar Chords
Tell YourselfGuitar Tabs
TexasGuitar Chords
Texas (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Blind Men And The ElephantGuitar Chords
The LetterGuitar Chords
The LivingGuitar Chords
Thick As ThievesGuitar Chords
When They Ring The Golden BellsGuitar Chords
Where I GoBass Tabs
Where I GoGuitar Chords
Where I GoGuitar Tabs
Where I Go (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Which Side Are You OnGuitar Chords
WonderGuitar Chords