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Megadeth chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by Megadeth
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Megadeth. Learn songs like Angry Again, Black Swan, Captive Honor, Dread and The Fugitive Mind and Last Rites - Loved To Deth easy.

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Song title Type
1000 Times GoodbyeBass Tabs
1000 Times GoodbyeGuitar Tabs
1000 Times Goodbye (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
13Guitar Chords
13Guitar Tabs
13 (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
13 AcousticGuitar Tabs
1320Guitar Tabs
1320 (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
44 MinutesBass Tabs
44 MinutesGuitar Tabs
5 MagicsBass Tabs
502Bass Tabs
502Guitar Tabs
99 Ways To DieBass Tabs
99 Ways To DieGuitar Tabs
99 Ways Too DieBass Tabs
A Secret PlaceBass Tabs
A Secret PlaceGuitar Tabs
A Tout Le MondeBass Tabs
A Tout Le MondeGuitar Chords
A Tout Le MondeGuitar Tabs
A Tout Le Monde (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
A Tout Le Monde (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
A Toute Le MondeGuitar Tabs
AbsolutionBass Tabs
Addicated To ChaosGuitar Tabs
Addicted To ChaosBass Tabs
Addicted To ChaosGuitar Tabs
Almost HonestBass Tabs
Almost HonestGuitar Tabs
Anarchy In The UkBass Tabs
Anarchy In The UkGuitar Tabs
Angry AgainBass Tabs
Angry AgainGuitar Tabs
Angry Again (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Architecture Of AggressionBass Tabs
Architecture Of AggressionGuitar Tabs
Ashes In Your MouthBass Tabs
Ashes In Your MouthGuitar Tabs
Back In The DayBass Tabs
Back In The DayGuitar Tabs
Bad OmenBass Tabs
Bad OmenGuitar Tabs
Beginning Of SorrowBass Tabs
Bite The HandGuitar Tabs
Black CurtainsBass Tabs
Black CurtainsGuitar Tabs
Black SwanBass Tabs
Black SwanGuitar Tabs
Blackmail The UniverseBass Tabs
Blackmail The UniverseGuitar Tabs
Blood Of HeroesBass Tabs
Blood Of HeroesGuitar Tabs
BodiesGuitar Tabs
BreadlineGuitar Tabs
BreakpointGuitar Tabs
Burning BridgesGuitar Tabs
Burnt IceGuitar Tabs
Call Of KtuluGuitar Tabs
Capitol Punishment The Megadeth YearsGuitar Tabs
Captive HonorBass Tabs
Captive HonorGuitar Tabs
Captive HonourGuitar Tabs
Chosen OneBass Tabs
Chosen One (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Chosen OnesBass Tabs
Chosen OnesGuitar Tabs
ChutneyGuitar Tabs
Coming HomeGuitar Tabs
Conquer Or DieGuitar Tabs
CountdowGuitar Tabs
Countdown To ExtinctionBass Tabs
Countdown To ExtinctionGuitar Chords
Crown Of WormsBass Tabs
Crown Of WormsGuitar Tabs
Crush EmBass Tabs
Crush EmGuitar Tabs
Dawn PatrolBass Tabs
Dawn PatrolGuitar Tabs
Dawn Patrol (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Dawn Patrol (Ver3)Bass Tabs
Dawn PetrolBass Tabs
Deadly NightshadeBass Tabs
Deadly NightshadeGuitar Tabs
Devils IslandBass Tabs
Devils IslandGuitar Tabs
DiademsBass Tabs
DiademsGuitar Tabs
Dialectic ChaosBass Tabs
Dialectic ChaosGuitar Tabs
Die Dead EnoughGuitar Tabs
Die DieGuitar Tabs
DisconnectBass Tabs
DisconnectGuitar Tabs
Doctor Is CallingGuitar Tabs
Dread And The Fugitive MindBass Tabs