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Mazzy Star chords and tabs

Mazzy Star tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Mazzy Star. Learn songs like Disappear, Holah, Im Gonna Bake My Biscuit, Ive Been Let Down and Wild Horses easy.

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Song title Type
All Your SistersGuitar Chords
Assorted TracksGuitar Chords
Be My AngelGuitar Chords
Before I SleepGuitar Chords
Bells RingGuitar Chords
Bells RingGuitar Tabs
Blue FlowerGuitar Chords
Blue FlowerGuitar Solo
Blue LightGuitar Chords
Blue LightGuitar Tabs
California UkuleleGuitar Chords
Common BurnGuitar Chords
DisappearGuitar Chords
Does Someone Have Your Baby NowGuitar Chords
Fade Into YouBass Tabs
Fade Into YouGuitar Chords
Fade Into YouGuitar Tabs
Five String SerenadeGuitar Chords
Flowers In DecemberGuitar Chords
Flowers In December UkuleleGuitar Chords
FreeGuitar Chords
Ghost HighwayGuitar Tabs
Give You My LovingGuitar Tabs
HalahGuitar Tabs
HappyGuitar Chords
HolahGuitar Chords
I'm Gonna Bake My BiscuitGuitar Chords
I'm SailinGuitar Chords
Into DustGuitar Chords
Into DustGuitar Tabs
I've Been Let DownGuitar Chords
I've Gotta StopGuitar Chords
I've Gotta StopGuitar Tabs
Leaving On A TrainGuitar Chords
Let That BeGuitar Chords
Let That BeGuitar Tabs
Look On Down From The BridgeGuitar Chords
Rhymes Of An HourGuitar Chords
Ride It OnGuitar Chords
RosebloodGuitar Chords
She's My BabyGuitar Tabs
So Tonight That I Might SeeGuitar Chords
SparrowGuitar Chords
Take EverythingGuitar Chords
Taste Of BloodGuitar Chords
Under My CarGuitar Chords
Under My CarGuitar Tabs
UnreflectedGuitar Chords
UnreflectedGuitar Tabs
WastedGuitar Chords
WastedGuitar Tabs
Wild HorsesGuitar Chords