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The Mars Volta chords and tabs

The Mars Volta tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Mars Volta. Learn songs like Aberinkula, Drunkship Of Lanterns, Molochwalker, Teflon and The Malkin Jewel easy.

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Song title Type
AberinkulaBass Tabs
AegisBass Tabs
Asilos MagdalenaGuitar Tabs
Beauty Is EmptyGuitar Chords
Cicatriz EspGuitar Chords
Cicatriz EspGuitar Tabs
ConcertinaGuitar Tabs
Concertina1Guitar Tabs
CotopaxiBass Tabs
Cut That CityBass Tabs
Cut That CityGuitar Tabs
Drunkship Of LanternsBass Tabs
DyslexiconGuitar Chords
DyslexiconGuitar Tabs
Empty Vessels Make The Loudest SoundGuitar Chords
Empty Vessels Make The Loudest SoundGuitar Tabs
Empty Vessels Make The Loudest Sound (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Eunuch ProvocateurGuitar Tabs
ImagoGuitar Tabs
Inertiatic EspGuitar Tabs
LapochkaGuitar Tabs
LuciformsGuitar Tabs
MetatronBass Tabs
MolochwalkerGuitar Tabs
NoctourniquetGuitar Tabs
Rapid Fire TollboothGuitar Tabs
Roulette DaresGuitar Chords
Roulette Dares Haunt OfBass Tabs
SarchophagiGuitar Tabs
Take The Veil Cerpin TaxtGuitar Tabs
TeflonBass Tabs
TelevatorsGuitar Tabs
Televators AcousticGuitar Chords
Televators ChordsGuitar Tabs
The Malkin JewelGuitar Tabs
The Whip HandGuitar Tabs
The WidowGuitar Chords
Trinkets Pale Of MoonGuitar Tabs
VedamaladyGuitar Intro