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Lene Marlin chords and tabs

Lene Marlin tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Lene Marlin. Learn songs like Hope Youre Happy, My Lucky Day, Unforgivable Sinner (Ver2), Unforgivable Sinner (Ver2) and Where Im Headed easy.

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Song title Type
A Place NearbyGuitar Chords
Another DayGuitar Chords
Another DayGuitar Tabs
DisguiseGuitar Chords
Eyes ClosedGuitar Chords
FacesBass Tabs
Fight Against The HoursGuitar Chords
Flown AwayGuitar Chords
Hope You're HappyGuitar Chords
Hope You're Happy (Ver2)Guitar Chords
How Would It BeGuitar Chords
How Would It BeGuitar Tabs
I KnowGuitar Tabs
Leave My Mind AlbumGuitar Chords
Maybe I'll GoGuitar Chords
Music Wine And MeGuitar Chords
My LoveGuitar Chords
My Lucky DayGuitar Chords
My Lucky DayGuitar Tabs
Never To KnowGuitar Chords
One Year AgoGuitar Tabs
Playing My GameGuitar Tabs
Sitting Down HereGuitar Chords
Sitting Down HereGuitar Tabs
Sitting Down Here (Ver2)Guitar Chords
So I SeeGuitar Tabs
SorryGuitar Chords
Still HereGuitar Chords
StoryGuitar Chords
The Way We AreGuitar Tabs
Unforgivable SinnerGuitar Chords
Unforgivable SinnerGuitar Tabs
Unforgivable Sinner (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Unforgivable Sinner (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Way We AreGuitar Chords
What IfGuitar Chords
Whatever It TakesGuitar Chords
When You Where AroundGuitar Tabs
Where I'm HeadedGuitar Chords
You Weren't ThereBass Tabs
You Weren't ThereGuitar Chords