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Manowar chords and tabs

Manowar tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Manowar. Learn songs like Father, Fighting The World, Gods Of War, Hand Of Doom and Swords In The Wind Acoustic easy.

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Song title Type
An American TrilogyGuitar Chords
Battle HymnGuitar Chords
Black ListGuitar Chords
Blood Of My EnemiesGuitar Chords
Blow Your SpeakersGuitar Chords
Bridge Of DeathGuitar Tabs
Brothers Of MetalGuitar Chords
Call To ArmsGuitar Chords
Call To ArmsGuitar Tabs
Carry OnGuitar Chords
CourageGuitar Tabs
Death Tone Battle HymsGuitar Tabs
DefenderGuitar Tabs
Die For MetalGuitar Chords
Die With HonorGuitar Chords
El GringoGuitar Chords
FatherGuitar Chords
FatherGuitar Tabs
Fighting The WorldGuitar Chords
Gods Of WarGuitar Chords
Guyana Cult Of The DamnedGuitar Chords
Hail And KillBass Tabs
Hail And KillGuitar Chords
Hail And KillGuitar Tabs
Hail To England UkuleleGuitar Chords
Hand Of DoomGuitar Chords
Heart Of SteeelGuitar Chords
Heart Of SteelGuitar Chords
Herz Aus StahlGuitar Chords
ImmortalGuitar Chords
Kill With PowerGuitar Chords
KingGuitar Chords
Kingdom ComeGuitar Tabs
Kings Of MetalGuitar Chords
Kings Of MetalGuitar Tabs
Master Of The WindGuitar Chords
Master Of The WindGuitar Tabs
Master Of The Wind (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Metal DazeGuitar Chords
Metal DazeGuitar Tabs
Metal WarriorsGuitar Chords
Metal WarriorsGuitar Tabs
MountainsGuitar Intro
Number 1Guitar Chords
OutlawGuitar Chords
Pleasure SlaveGuitar Chords
Return Of The WarlordGuitar Tabs
Ride The DragonGuitar Chords
Righteous GloryGuitar Chords
SleipnirGuitar Chords
Sons Of OdinGuitar Tabs
Spirithorse Of The CherokeeGuitar Chords
Swords In The WindGuitar Chords
Swords In The Wind AcousticGuitar Chords
The Crown And The RingGuitar Chords
The Fight For FreedomGuitar Chords
The Power Of Thy SwordGuitar Chords
Warriors Of The WorldGuitar Chords
Warriors Of The World UnitedGuitar Chords
Wheels Of FireGuitar Tabs