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Moon River is a song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics written by Johnny Mercer in 1961. It received an
Academy Award for Best Original Song. Mancini won the 1962 Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Mercer the
Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Mercer and Mancini wrote the song for Audrey Hepburn to fit her vocal range.
The song is the soundtrack of the 🏷Legendary movie ?Breakfast at Tiffany's?. The song reached in late 1961 the
number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

C6 000555     e ------5--3--2--0--------------2--0-----------------------------------------------------|
D6 000777     B ---3--------------3--1--3-----------3--1--3--------------------------------------------|
G 320033     G ----------------------------0-----------------0--2-------------------------------------|
Em 022000     D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G* 000787     A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Gdim7 002323   E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F7(b5) 003545
G7* 000767    e --------------------------------------------3--2--0--2--0-----0-------------------------|
Adim 000545    B ----0--------3--0--------3--0--------0--3-----------------3----------------------------|
C7 335353     G -------0------------2--0--------2--0----------------------------------------------------|
Am* 577555    D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Em7 020000    A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm7 224232    E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B7 021200
Am7 002010    e ------5--3--2--0--------------2--0-----------------------------------------------------|
C#m7b5 042000   B ---3--------------3--1--3-----------3--1--3--------------------------------------------|
E7 020100     G ----------------------------0-----------------0--2-------------------------------------|
D7 000212     D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C/G 332010    A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D7* 557575    E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

         e ------------------3--5--3------------2--0---------------2--0---------------------------|
         B ---0------0---3--------------3-------------3--1--3------------3--1--3-----1-----0------|
         G ------0----------------------------0------------------0-----------------0-----2------0--|
         D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
         A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
         E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|


G    Em
Moon River
C/G       G
Wider than a mile
C/G           G
I?m crossing you in style
Am*   B7
Em     G7*
Old dream maker
C/G    Adim
You heart Breaker
Em  Em7     Gdim7
Wherever you?re going
Bm7  E7  Am7  D7
I?m going your way

G    Em
Two drifters
C/G       G
Off to see the world
C/G          G
There's such a lot of world
Am*  B7
To see
Em    Em7
We?re after
The same
C/G    G
Rainbow?s end
C/G        G
Waiting round the bend
C/G         G
My Huckleberry friend
Em   Am*  D7*
Moon River
G  C  Adim7  G*
And me

Arranged by Michael YISRAEL

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