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Pencil Rot by Stephen Malkmus

Pencil Rot chords by Stephen Malkmus


This is Track #1 from Stephen Malkmus' 2005 release "Face the Truth"

This is how to play the song if you are jamming out by yourself.
If you want to play it exactly like S.M. you're going to have to
write him a letter and ask, or find someone who will take more
time to figure it out than I did.

The intro is a riff which starts on an open Chord diagramA augmentedA string
and goes from there (repeated twice). The verses are the
following chords played mainly on your lowest 2 or 3 strings.

Chord diagramA augmentedA         Chord diagramA/BA/B     Chord diagramC majorC
There's a villain...

           Chord diagramG+G        Chord diagramF#F#
And he's giving...

Shocks! shocks!...

Chord diagramD MajorD
Save me from...

Chord diagramD MajorD        Chord diagramC majorC
Save me from

His name is...
And he needs...

Chord diagramD MajorD
Fly above...

Chord diagramD MajorD      Chord diagramC majorC      Chord diagramF#F#
fly above... roam

Chord diagramD MajorD
Fly above...

Chord diagramD MajorD      Chord diagramC majorC      Chord diagramF#F#
fly above... roam

(same as before)
Well I never had much...
Leave me halving...

It's like my...
Though I never...
please deform...
please deform...

Chord diagramF#F#
(gibberish )

        Chord diagramD MajorD
Let me....

      Chord diagramE MajorE
Of my...

      Chord diagramFF
In my bed

        Chord diagramC majorC
It's a lovely

          Chord diagramD MajorD (syncopated)
leather brown...

No more shine
With the...
Of a...
It's a lovely
leather brown...

It's pencil rot!


(back to the intro riff and verse)

He Catered...

Well my mind..
never was down...

Saved me...

(don't let this part trick you. This part
is the same chords as the normal verse,
but pretty much solos on the bass)

I'm here to sing...
About privelege...
of the human...

somehow you...
all of our minds...
See them in you..


end on A, you silly son of a b

This man is a friggin' genius of sloppy guitar.

Feel free to make any corrections, (don't send them to me though,
because I don't care) send them to OLGA and I'm sure they will
be happy to accommodate a better tabbed version of this awesome song.

-Joe Martin

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