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Kirsty Maccoll guitar chords for 15 minutes

Guitar chords with lyrics

From ssu95ajg@reading.ac.uk Thu Apr 18 19:04:27 1996
MIME-Version: 1.0

Artist - Kirsty MacColl
Song - 15 minutes
Album - Kite

Most chords use left hand muting, so strike the strings then quickly release
your left hand... Just listen to the record and you'll get the idea. All the
chords are bog-standard bar chords. Send me any hate mail, other Kirsty
MacColl tabs, or anything else really (my motto - any email is good email!)
to ssu95ajg@reading.ac.uk

Intro:- A chord diagramG minorGm

A chord diagramG minorGm
Seven ..
I've ..
  A chord diagramDmDm
I ..
        A chord diagramC minorCm
But ..
And ..

(A chord diagramG minorGm A chord diagramDmDm A chord diagramC minorCm as before)
There's ..
Where ..
For ..
You ..
But ..

A chord diagramBb majorBb                      A chord diagramG minorGm
Then ..
                           A chord diagramG#G#
Selling ..
                       A chord diagramC minorCm
Smiling ..
A chord diagramBb majorBb
You're ..
A chord diagramC minorCm                          A chord diagramBb majorBb
Your ..

(verse chords)
City ..
The ..
And ..
How ..

(Repeat Chorus)

(chorus chords)
Then ..
Autographs ..
People ..
Or ..
Your ..

Almost there ...

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