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Merle Haggard guitar chords for Daddy frank

Daddy Frank chords

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Daddy Frank chords by Merle Haggard

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Written by Merle Haggard - Tree Pub. Co. Inc. / CBS Music Group (BMI), 1971?
Transcribed from: Merle Haggard, "Collectors Series" - Capitol Records, 1990.
Original single released in 1971.

SPOKEN INTRO [no music]: Let me tell you about a song that I feel explains
itself.  It's called: "Daddy Frank, the Guitar Man."

INTRO:    | D chord diagramDD       | A chord diagramAA       | D chord diagramDD[stop]      | [NC]

CHORUS:         |D chord diagramDD               |              |             |
          Daddy ..,
          |                 |             |A chord diagramAA        |
          Sister ...
          |             |               |          |
          Mama ..
              |                 |                 |D chord diagramDD           |
          She ...

          That [D chord diagramDD]..,
          And ..[A chord diagramAA]time;
          And ..,
          Cause ..[D chord diagramDD]blind.

|G chord diagramGG             |               |D chord diagramDD          |
Frank ..
      |G chord diagramGG           |                  |Bm chord diagramBmBm          |
Their ...
|G chord diagramGG           |               |D chord diagramDD           |
Mama ..
    |Bm chord diagramBmBm          |             |A chord diagramAA           |
And ...

|G chord diagramGG              |              |D chord diagramDD           |
Home ..;
  |G chord diagramGG              |               |Bm chord diagramBmBm          |
A chord diagramAA pick-...
      |G chord diagramGG          |            |D chord diagramDD           |
Don't ..
       |D chord diagramDD      G chord diagramGG    |D chord diagramDD      A chord diagramAA      |D chord diagramDD        |D chord diagramDD       [<-1 strum
But ...            per letter]


[G chord diagramGG]Don't[D chord diagramDD]quainted;
I [G chord diagramGG]..[Bm chord diagramBmBm]be.
There [G chord diagramGG]..[D chord diagramDD]someone,
And [Bm chord diagramBmBm]..[A chord diagramAA]be.

[G chord diagramGG]Fever ..[D chord diagramDD]hearing.
[G chord diagramGG]Daddy ..[Bm chord diagramBmBm]sight.
[G chord diagramGG]And .. [D chord diagramDD]lean on,
    |D chord diagramDD  G chord diagramGG         |D chord diagramDD     A chord diagramAA       |D chord diagramDD        |Bb chord diagramBbBb    [<-changes key]
And I ...

REPEAT CHORUS IN KEY OF Eb chord diagramEbEb [Either capo up one fret or substitute
Eb chord diagramEbEb for D chord diagramDD, and Bb chord diagramBbBb for A chord diagramAA].  FADE OUT TOWARDS END OF CHORUS.

Eb chord diagramEbEb: 365343 or xx5343     Bb chord diagramBbBb: 113331 or xx3331 or 688766

Transcribed by Darragh Egan <>
Thanks to whoever posted the lyrics for this song to COWPIE.