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Artist Sang Type
Girls GenerationBaby StepsChords
Girls GenerationBack HugChords
Girls GenerationBeautiful RestrictionChords
Girls GenerationBeautiful RestrictionTabs
Girls GenerationBeautiful Restriction ์•„๋ฆ„๋‹ค์šด๊ตฌ์†Chords
Girls GenerationBeautiful StrangerTabs
Girls GenerationBling Star No Breathing ThemeChords
Girls GenerationBorn To Be A LadyChords
Girls GenerationBorn To Be A Lady UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationCan You Hear MeChords
Girls GenerationCheap CreeperChords
Girls GenerationChocolate LoveTabs
Girls GenerationCompleteChords
Girls GenerationDancing QueenChords
Girls GenerationDay By DayChords
Girls GenerationDivineChords
Girls GenerationEchoChords
Girls GenerationEveryday LoveChords
Girls GenerationFermataTabs
Girls GenerationFlyersChords
Girls GenerationForever 1Chords
Girls GenerationGeeChords
Girls GenerationGeeTabs
Girls GenerationGeeTabs
Girls GenerationGenieTabs
Girls GenerationGoodbyeChords
Girls GenerationHolidayChords
Girls GenerationHoney ์†Œ์›Chords
Girls GenerationHootChords
Girls GenerationHow Great Is Your LoveChords
Girls GenerationI (taeyeon Feat Verbal Jint)Chords
Girls GenerationI AloneChords
Girls GenerationI Alone UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationIf TaeyeonChords
Girls GenerationIndestructibleChords
Girls GenerationInto The New WorldChords
Girls GenerationInto The New World (Ver2)Chords
Girls GenerationInto The New World (Ver3)Chords
Girls GenerationInto The New World Ballad VersionChords
Girls GenerationIts LoveChords
Girls GenerationKissing YouChords
Girls GenerationLazy GirlChords
Girls GenerationLight Up The SkyChords
Girls GenerationLion HeartChords
Girls GenerationLion Heart UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationLost In LoveChords
Girls GenerationLove That One WordChords
Girls GenerationLucky Like ThatChords
Girls GenerationMerry-go-roundChords
Girls GenerationMistakeChords
Girls GenerationMistake UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationMr MrChords
Girls GenerationMr TaxiChords
Girls GenerationMy Oh MyChords
Girls GenerationOhChords
Girls GenerationOh (Ver2)Chords
Girls GenerationOh!ggChords
Girls GenerationOne Afternoon ์–ด๋–ค ์˜คํ›„Chords
Girls GenerationOne Last TimeChords
Girls GenerationOscarChords
Girls GenerationPerfect For You HoneyChords
Girls GenerationPerfect For You Honey UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationRun Devil RunChords
Girls GenerationRun Devil RunTabs
Girls GenerationRun Devil Run (Ver2)Chords
Girls GenerationSailing 0805Chords
Girls GenerationSailing ๊ทธ ์—ฌ๋ฆ„ 0805Chords
Girls GenerationSnowy WishChords
Girls GenerationSnowy Wish UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationSunflowerChords
Girls GenerationSunflower UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationSweet Talking BabyChords
Girls GenerationTell Me Your Wish (genie)Tabs
Girls GenerationTell Me Your Wish GenieTabs
Girls GenerationThe BoysChords
Girls GenerationTime MachineChords
Girls GenerationTime Machine UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationTrickChords
Girls GenerationVillainChords
Girls GenerationWay To GoBass tabs
Girls GenerationWhisper UkuleleChords
Girls GenerationWhy (taeyeon)Chords
Girls GenerationYou ThinkChords
Girls GenerationYour DollChords
Got7At The Usual TimeChords
Got7Aura UkuleleChords
Got7If You DoChords
Got7Just RightChords
Got7Love LoopChords
Got7Never EverChords
Got7Nobody KnowsChords
Got7Thank YouChords
Got7To Me ๋‚ด๊ฒŒChords