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Artist Sang Type
BlackbearBad DayChords
BlackbearBright Pink TimsTabs
BlackbearCancel ForeverChords
BlackbearChanges (Ver2)Tabs
BlackbearColdest WinterChords
BlackbearDead To MeChords
BlackbearDeadrosesBass tabs
BlackbearDirty LaundryBass tabs
BlackbearDirty LaundryChords
BlackbearDo Re MiChords
BlackbearDo Re MiTabs
BlackbearDown 4 UChords
BlackbearFalling (feat. Trevor Daniel)Chords
BlackbearFashion WeekTabs
BlackbearFashion Week RemixChords
BlackbearG2g TtylChords
BlackbearGone For GoodChords
BlackbearHate My GutsChords
BlackbearHazel InsideChords
BlackbearHell Is Where I Dreamt Of U And Woke Up AloneChords
BlackbearHell Is Where I Dreamt Of You And Woke Up AloneChords
BlackbearHot Girl BummerChords
BlackbearHot Girl BummerTabs
BlackbearHot Girl Bummer UkuleleChords
BlackbearI Dont Love MeChords
BlackbearI Feel 2 MuchChords
BlackbearI Feel 2 MuchTabs
BlackbearI Feel BadChords
BlackbearI Felt ThatTabs
BlackbearI Hope Your Whole Life SuxChords
BlackbearIf I Were UChords
BlackbearIf I Were UTabs
BlackbearIf I Were U UkuleleChords
BlackbearLaid OutChords
BlackbearMe And Ur GhostChords
BlackbearMy WorstChords
BlackbearMy Worst UkuleleChords
BlackbearN Y L AChords
BlackbearOne Sided LoveChords
BlackbearPink RolexChords
BlackbearQueen Of Broken HeartsChords
BlackbearSanta Monica And La BreaChords
BlackbearShort Kings AnthemChords
BlackbearShort Kings AnthemTabs
BlackbearSmile AgainChords
BlackbearSmile AgainTabs
BlackbearSmile Again UkuleleChords
BlackbearSwear To GodChords
BlackbearThe LobbyTabs
BlackbearToxic EnergyChords
BlackbearTry MeChords
BlackbearU Love UChords
BlackbearValley GirlsChords
BlackbearWeak When Ur Around AcousticTabs
BlackbearWhere Was U UkuleleChords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your LastChords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your Last (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your Last Jp Ver UkuleleChords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your Last UkuleleChords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your Last λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰μ²˜λŸΌChords
BlackpinkAs If Its Your Last λ§ˆμ§€λ§‰μ²˜λŸΌ (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkBet You WannaChords
BlackpinkBet You Wanna (feat. Cardi B)Chords
BlackpinkBoombayah (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkBoombayah 뢐바야Chords
BlackpinkBoombayah 뢐바야 (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkCrazy Over YouChords
BlackpinkCrazy Over You (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkDdu-du Ddu-duChords
BlackpinkDdu-du Ddu-du λšœλ‘λšœλ‘Bass tabs
BlackpinkDdu-du Ddu-du λšœλ‘λšœλ‘Chords
BlackpinkDdu-du Ddu-du λšœλ‘λšœλ‘Tabs
BlackpinkDont Know What To DoChords
BlackpinkDont Know What To Do UkuleleChords
BlackpinkForever YoungChords
BlackpinkForever YoungTabs
BlackpinkForever Young AcousticChords
BlackpinkHard To LoveChords
BlackpinkHard To Love (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkHope NotChords
BlackpinkHope Not (Ver2)Chords
BlackpinkHow You Like ThatChords
BlackpinkHow You Like ThatTabs
BlackpinkHow You Like That (Ver2)Chords