Tale In Hard Time by Fairport Convention

Tale In Hard Time chords by Fairport Convention

Guitar chords with lyrics


E|--------3---------3----------3----------3----------3---------3------3-------3---| (Repeat)

These 3 chords played with G on the 3th fret of E-string (Not totally necessary):

 C/G  Am7  Bb6

     C/G   Am7
Take the sun from my heart
    C/G    G
Let me learn to despise
   C/G          Bb6     F C G
I'll show you another who cannot tell lies

   C/G    Am7
The blind man can't see
   C/G      G
Who demands to his eyes
   C/G         Bb6      D  Bm C Bb G
I'll show you another who sings as he cries

Solo chords: G   C/G Bb6  F C G

  C/G    Am7
I cannot be whole
    C/G     G
As the beggar who sighs
   C/G         Bb6      F  C G
I'll show you another who knows as he dies

Outro: Same as intro


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