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Def Leppard bass tabs for Hysteria

Bass tabs with lyrics

Hysteria-Def Leppard

This is My favourite song on Hysteria Album, It's easy to play.

The tab is very basic, does not have many adjustments, but the base
of the song this is d:o)

Made by: Brandon Price
If you have any comments/corrections, you can E-mail me at
[email protected]
Riff 1
     D     G   E   G   D
G |--------------------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------------------|
A |----55555555--------------------55555555----|
E |-------------33333333-0000-3333-------------|

Riff 2
    D/C  C    D/G G   D/C  C   C/G/D
G |---------------|-----------|------------|-------------|
D |---------------|-----------|------------|-------------|
A |----553-333333-|--55-------|-553-333333-|-3-555555555-|
E |---------------|----333333-|------------|--3----------|

Riff 3
    E  C   D      E  C   D     E   C D
G |----------------------|----------------------|---------------|
D |----------------------|----------------------|---------------|
A |---7777-3333-55555555-|---7777-3333-55555555-|---7777-3333-5-|
E |----------------------|----------------------|---------------|
Riff 4
     D     G
G |-----------------------|
D |-----------------------|
A |----55555555-----------|
E |-------------33333333--|

Riff 5
     A     D      A     D      A    D
G |----------------------|---------------------|---------------------|
D |----------------------|---------------------|---------------------|
A |------------55555556--|------------55555556-|------------55555560-|
E |---55555556-----------|---55555560----------|---55555550----------|

Riff 6
     D  G  D  C
G :|----------------------|:
D :|----------------------|:
A :|--55555555-55555555---|:
E :|----------3--------3--|:


Riff 1 x 1

Riff 1
Out ...
You could ...
I'm in luck,..
Hypnotized, >..

Riff 2
I gotta ..
Can't stop....

Riff 3
I get ...
Oh can ...
It's ...
When ...
Cause ...

Hysteria when you're near

Riff 4

Riff 1

Riff 2

Riff 3

Come on
(Solo) Riff 5

Riff 2

Riff 3


Get closer to me
Get closer baby
Closer, get closer
Closer to me

ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Hysteria' by Def Leppard, a rock band formed in 1977 from Sheffield, England. Def Leppard is known for their boisterous rock/pop music.

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