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Artist Sang Type
Deep PurpleBurnChords
Deep PurpleBurnTabs
Deep PurpleBurn (Ver2)Tabs
Deep PurpleChild In TimeChords
Deep PurpleCome Taste The Band AlbumChords
Deep PurpleCry FreeTabs
Deep PurpleDemon EyeTabs
Deep PurpleDemonds EyeTabs
Deep PurpleDemons EyeChords
Deep PurpleFire BallBass tabs
Deep PurpleFireballChords
Deep PurpleFireballTabs
Deep PurpleFlight Of The RatChords
Deep PurpleFlight Of The RatTabs
Deep PurpleFoolsChords
Deep PurpleFoolsTabs
Deep PurpleFreedomChords
Deep PurpleFreedomTabs
Deep PurpleGet Me Outta HereChords
Deep PurpleGettin TighterTabs
Deep PurpleGypsy KissTabs
Deep PurpleHallelujahChords
Deep PurpleHallelujah (Ver2)Chords
Deep PurpleHigh Ball ShooterTabs
Deep PurpleHighway StarChords
Deep PurpleHighway StarTabs
Deep PurpleHighway Star (Ver2)Chords
Deep PurpleHighway Star (Ver2)Tabs
Deep PurpleHighway Star (Ver3)Tabs
Deep PurpleHoly ManChords
Deep PurpleHouse Of PainChords
Deep PurpleHushBass tabs
Deep PurpleHushChords
Deep PurpleInto The FireChords
Deep PurpleIve Got Your NumberTabs
Deep PurpleJack RubyChords
Deep PurpleJam StewTabs
Deep PurpleJohnnys BandChords
Deep PurpleKentucky WomanChords
Deep PurpleKentucky WomanTabs
Deep PurpleKnocking At Your Back DoorChords
Deep PurpleKnocking At Your Back DoorTabs
Deep PurpleLady Double DealerChords
Deep PurpleLalenaChords
Deep PurpleLay DownTabs
Deep PurpleLay Down Stay DownChords
Deep PurpleLazyChords
Deep PurpleLazyTabs
Deep PurpleLet The Good Times RollChords
Deep PurpleLiving WreckChords
Deep PurpleLiving WreckTabs
Deep PurpleLoosen My StringsTabs
Deep PurpleLove ChildChords
Deep PurpleLove Conquers AllChords
Deep PurpleLove Conquers All (Ver2)Chords
Deep PurpleMan AliveChords
Deep PurpleMaybe Im A LeoChords
Deep PurpleMaybe Im A LeoTabs
Deep PurpleMistreatedChords
Deep PurpleMistreatedTabs
Deep PurpleMitzi DupreeChords
Deep PurpleNever BeforeChords
Deep PurpleNo One CameChords
Deep PurpleNobodys HomeTabs
Deep PurpleNot ResponsibleChords
Deep PurpleNothing At AllChords
Deep PurpleOh WellChords
Deep PurpleOne Night In VegasChords
Deep PurplePainterChords
Deep PurplePerfect StrangersTabs
Deep PurplePictures Of HomeChords
Deep PurplePictures Of HomeTabs
Deep PurplePlace In LineChords
Deep PurpleRapture Of The DeepTabs
Deep PurpleRat Bat BlueChords
Deep PurpleRoadhouse BluesChords
Deep PurpleRockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie FluChords
Deep PurpleSail AwayBass tabs
Deep PurpleSail AwayChords
Deep PurpleSail AwayTabs
Deep PurpleShieldChords
Deep PurpleSimple FolkTabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The WaterBass tabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The WaterChords
Deep PurpleSmoke On The WaterTabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water Intro Tabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water (Ver2)Chords
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water (Ver2)Tabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water (Ver3)Tabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water (Ver5)Tabs
Deep PurpleSmoke On The Water(easy)Tabs
Deep PurpleSmooth DancerChords
Deep PurpleSoldier Of FortuneBass tabs
Deep PurpleSoldier Of FortuneChords
Deep PurpleSoldier Of FortuneTabs
Deep PurpleSoldier Of Fortune (Ver2)Chords
Deep PurpleSolitaireTabs
Deep PurpleSomebody Stole My GuitarChords