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The Dear Hunter chords and tabs

The Dear Hunter tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Dear Hunter. Learn songs like Mandala, Mr Usher On His Way To Town, The Oracles On The Delphi Express, The Revival and Where The Road Parts Acoustic easy.

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Song title Type
A Night On The TownGuitar Chords
All Is As All Should BeBass Tabs
All Is As All Should BeGuitar Chords
Beyond The PaleGuitar Chords
Black Sandy BeachesGuitar Chords
Black Sandy BeachesGuitar Tabs
Blood UkuleleGuitar Chords
Bring You DownGuitar Tabs
City EscapeGuitar Intro
Crow And CackleGuitar Chords
EchoGuitar Intro
EvictedGuitar Chords
Fall And FleeGuitar Chords
Filth And SqualorBass Tabs
GirlBass Tabs
GirlGuitar Tabs
Go Get Your GunBass Tabs
He Said He Had A StoryGuitar Chords
In Cauda VenemumGuitar Chords
In Cauda Venenum Ver2Bass Tabs
Is There Anybody HereGuitar Chords
Life And DeathGuitar Chords
LightGuitar Tabs
Like CrazyGuitar Chords
Like CrazyGuitar Tabs
LillianGuitar Chords
Look AwayBass Tabs
Lost But Not All GoneGuitar Chords
MandalaGuitar Chords
Marialenas SongGuitar Chords
Middle GroundGuitar Chords
Mr Usher On His Way To TownGuitar Chords
Mr Usher On His Way To TownGuitar Solo
MrmalumGuitar Chords
Mustard GasBass Tabs
Mustard GasGuitar Chords
Never Forgive Never ForgetBass Tabs
No GodGuitar Chords
Old DemonsGuitar Chords
OwlsGuitar Chords
Red Hands AcousticGuitar Chords
RegressGuitar Chords
RememberedGuitar Chords
Shake Me AwakeBass Tabs
Shake Me AwakeGuitar Chords
ShameGuitar Chords
She's Always SingingBass Tabs
She's Always SingingGuitar Chords
Shouting At The RainGuitar Chords
Son And FatherGuitar Chords
Sweet NaiveteGuitar Chords
The Bitter Suite Iv - AbandonGuitar Chords
The Collapse Of The Great Tide CliffsGuitar Tabs
The Dead Don't StarveGuitar Chords
The Lake And The RiverBass Tabs
The Lake And The RiverGuitar Chords
The MarchGuitar Chords
The Moon AwakeBass Tabs
The Moon AwakeGuitar Chords
The Most Cursed Of HandsGuitar Tabs
The Most Cursed Of Hands Who Am IGuitar Chords
The Oracles On The Delphi ExpressBass Tabs
The Oracles On The Delphi ExpressGuitar Tabs
The ProcessionBass Tabs
The ProcessionGuitar Chords
The RevivalBass Tabs
The RevivalGuitar Chords
The Right WrongBass Tabs
The TankGuitar Chords
The ThiefBass Tabs
This Beautiful LifeGuitar Chords
This BodyGuitar Chords
This Vicious PlaceGuitar Chords
Too LateGuitar Chords
TrapdoorGuitar Chords
Untitled Soul SongGuitar Chords
Vital Vessals VindicateGuitar Tabs
WaitGuitar Chords
Wait AcousticGuitar Chords
WavesGuitar Chords
We've Got A Score To SettleGuitar Chords
What It Means To Be AloneGuitar Chords
What You SaidGuitar Chords
Where The Road Parts AcousticGuitar Chords
WhisperGuitar Chords