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Dashboard Confessional chords and tabs

Dashboard Confessional tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Dashboard Confessional. Learn songs like Carry This Picture, Hell On The Throat, Pain Free In Three, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most and This Ruined Puzzle easy.

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Song title Type
A Plain MorningGuitar Tabs
Again I Go UnnoticedGuitar Chords
Again I Go UnnoticedGuitar Tabs
Again I Go Unnoticed (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Age Six RacerGuitar Tabs
All The Truth That I Can TellGuitar Chords
As Lovers GoGuitar Tabs
Belle Of The BoulevardGuitar Tabs
Belle Of The Boulevard (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Bend And Not BreakGuitar Tabs
Best DeceptionsGuitar Tabs
Blame It On The ChangesGuitar Chords
Broken Hearts And Concrete FloorsGuitar Chords
Carry This PictureGuitar Chords
Carry This PictureGuitar Tabs
CurrentsGuitar Chords
Don T WaitGuitar Tabs
Don't WaitGuitar Chords
Drowning UkuleleGuitar Chords
Dusk And SummerGuitar Tabs
El ScorchoGuitar Intro
Ender Will Save Us AllBass Tabs
Ender Will Save Us AllGuitar Chords
Everyone Else Is Just NoiseGuitar Chords
For JustinGuitar Tabs
For You To NoticeGuitar Chords
Get Me RightGuitar Tabs
Ghost Of A Good ThingGuitar Chords
Hands DownGuitar Tabs
Hands Down AcousticGuitar Chords
Hands Down UkuleleGuitar Chords
Heart Beat HereGuitar Chords
Heaven HereGuitar Chords
Hell On The ThroatGuitar Chords
Hell On The ThroatGuitar Intro
Heres To Moving OnGuitar Chords
Heres To Moving OnGuitar Tabs
Hold OnGuitar Chords
Hope You're HappyGuitar Tabs
I Know About YouGuitar Chords
If You Can't Leave It Be Might As Well Make It BleedGuitar Chords
JamieGuitar Chords
Living In Your LettersGuitar Chords
Me And MineGuitar Chords
No News Is Bad NewsGuitar Chords
Pain Free In ThreeGuitar Chords
Remember To BreatheGuitar Chords
Saints And SailorsGuitar Tabs
Screaming InfidelitiesGuitar Chords
Sharp Hint Of New TearsGuitar Chords
Shirts And GlovesGuitar Chords
Sleep InGuitar Chords
So ImpossibleGuitar Chords
So Long So LongGuitar Tabs
Southbound And SinkingGuitar Chords
Standard LinesGuitar Tabs
StolenGuitar Chords
Stolen AcousticGuitar Tabs
Sunshine StateGuitar Chords
Swiss Army RomanceGuitar Chords
Swiss Army RomanceGuitar Tabs
The Best DeceptionsGuitar Chords
The Best DeceptionsGuitar Tabs
The Better Of MeGuitar Chords
The Good FightGuitar Chords
The Good FightGuitar Tabs
The MotionsGuitar Chords
The Places You Have Come To Fear The MostGuitar Chords
The Shade Of Poison TreesGuitar Chords
The Sharp Hint Of New TearsGuitar Tabs
These BonesGuitar Chords
Thick As ThievesGuitar Chords
This Bitter PillGuitar Tabs
This Bitter Pill Acoustic UkuleleGuitar Chords
This Ruined PuzzleGuitar Chords
This Ruined PuzzleGuitar Tabs
Tonight I'll Take What I Can GetGuitar Chords
Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get AcousticGuitar Chords
Truth Of The MatterGuitar Chords
Turpentine ChaserGuitar Tabs
Until MorningGuitar Chords
VindicatedGuitar Tabs
Vindicated Acoustic LiveGuitar Chords
Water And BridgesGuitar Chords
We FightGuitar Chords
What I Wanted To Say WasGuitar Chords
YoungGuitar Chords