How to read guitar tabs

How to read guitar tabs The guitar tabs should be viewed with a square font. This is a font where the letter W and the number 1 take up the same amount of space. The problem with the online stu... More

How to write tabs

How to write bass and guitar tabs is the place to look for bass and guitar tabs, but what if the song is new and have never been tabbed before? Open up a new text document and star... More

Guitar chords chart

Guitar chords chart A list of more than 1000 guitar chords, all sorted A to Z for easy navigation. You will also find a good guide on how to read the chords and how to play them. As that wa... More

How to tune a guitar

How to tune a guitar You need to tune your guitar to make it sound good. Here is a good start with simple instructions, an online tuner and videos that explain the guitar tuning basics. You ... More

How to play guitar chords

How to play guitar chords Many of the songs on this site is made out of guitar chords. These are easy to use even when playing the guitar but you have to know what they mean and how to read them.... More

Easy guitar tabs

Easy guitar tabs The following is a list of easy-to-play guitar tabs. If you are a novice or just started playing guitar, is the place to be. We have thousands of ... More

Acoustic tabs

Acoustic guitar tabs Tablature of tab for short is common for fretted stringed instruments such as bass guitars, guitars or even lute and violins. Easy to play and easy to understand. Below ... More

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