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The Beatles guitar tabs for Ticket to ride

Guitar tabs

During the intro and the verse he plays this:

B chord diagramBB---------2-----0------
G chord diagramGG-2----------2---------
D chord diagramDD----------------------
A chord diagramAA----------------------
E chord diagramEE----------------------

When he says "Away" from the line "Goin' away, yea" you strum this

B chord diagramBB---3----3-3---3--3---0----0-0---0--0-----
G chord diagramGG---4----4-4---4--4---1----1-1---1--1-----
D chord diagramDD---4----4-4---4--4---2----2-2---2--2-----
A chord diagramAA---2----2-2---2--2---2----2-2---2--2-----
E chord diagramEE---------------------0----0-0---0--0-----


   "She's got a ...She's got a ti...

B chord diagramBB---2---------------------3-----------2---------------------2--------
G chord diagramGG---2---------------------2-----------2---------------------2--------
D chord diagramDD---4---------------------0-----------4---------------------0--------
A chord diagramAA---4---------------------------------4------------------------------
E chord diagramEE---2---------------------------------2------------------------------

    "She's got a ticket to ...

B chord diagramBB----2---------------------0--------           On "Care" go back to the main
G chord diagramGG----2---------------------1--------           riff
D chord diagramDD----4---------------------2--------
A chord diagramAA----4---------------------2--------
E chord diagramEE----2---------------------0--------

On the bridge it's just D7 chord diagramD7D7 and E chord diagramEE

  "Don't know why......High................"

B chord diagramBB--1-------------------0----------
G chord diagramGG--2-------------------1----------
D chord diagramDD--0-------------------2----------
A chord diagramAA----------------------2----------
E chord diagramEE----------------------0----------

riff at the end of the bridge:

B chord diagramBB--10b-------10s12------12-------------------
G chord diagramGG------12--9---------------------------------

b = full bend and then release to the original note
s = slide up to note indicated

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