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Most popular songs by W.A.S.P.: Hold On To My Heart, Forever Free, Sleeping In The Fire, The Idol, The Titanic Overture.

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Song title Type Rating
95 nastyGuitar tabs
Babylons burningGuitar chords
BadGuitar tabs
BreatheGuitar chords
Cries in The NightGuitar chords
Forever freeGuitar chords
Godless run acousticGuitar chords
Hallowed groundGuitar chords
Heavens Hung in BlackGuitar chords
Hold on To My HeartGuitar chords
Hold on To My HeartGuitar tabs
I don't need no doctorGuitar tabs
I wanna be somebodyBass tabs
Keep holding onGuitar tabs
Love machineGuitar tabs
Love machine acousticGuitar chords
Mean manBass tabs
Miss youGuitar intro
Miss youGuitar chords
Shoot from the hipGuitar chords
Sleeping in The FireGuitar tabs
Sleeping in The FireGuitar chords
Sunset and babylonGuitar chords
The idolGuitar chords
The invisible boyGuitar chords
The last commandGuitar tabs
The last command (Ver2)Guitar tabs
The neutron bomberGuitar tabs
The titanic overtureGuitar tabs
What ill never findGuitar chords
Widow makerGuitar tabs
Wild childBass tabs
Wild childGuitar tabs