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Triggerfinger chords and tabs

Triggerfinger tabs and chords

Triggerfinger, guitar lessons, is a Belgian rock band from Antwerp, Belgium, formed in 1998. Starting in 1998, delivering Hard rock and blues rock to the people has been the top priority. Play I follow rivers, Only girl in the world and other songs with these Triggerfinger guitar tabs and chords.

All the latest updates and news about Triggerfinger can be found at Triggerfinger has a place in the music history together with Sin Alley, AngeliCo and BJ Scott.

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Song title Type Rating
Ain't nobodyGuitar tabs
All night longGuitar chords
All this dancin aroundGuitar tabs
First tasteGuitar tabs
I follow riversGuitar chords
I follow rivers acousticGuitar chords
I'm coming for youGuitar tabs
Is itGuitar tabs
Let it rideGuitar tabs
Love Lost in LoveGuitar chords
Only Girl in The WorldGuitar tabs
Perfect matchGuitar tabs
Splendor in The GrassGuitar chords