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"What You Give" by Tesla

Tesla guitar tabs for What you give
Title:What You Give
Album:Psychotic Supper

I didn't tab the solo because there's another
persons tab out there that had it on there if theres
any mistakes its probably cause i missed typed


E chord diagramEE----------------------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB----------------------------------------------------
G chord diagramGG--------0--------0---3s2---------0-2-0--------0-----
D chord diagramDD----0h2------0h2--------------------------0h2-------
A chord diagramAA----------------------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE-3--------3------------------1----------1-----------

E chord diagramEE---------------0--------------------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB----------3-------3-----------------------------------------------
G chord diagramGG-----2s4----4--------4s2-0-----------3s2------0--2-0---------0----
D chord diagramDD----------------------------2--0-------------------------0h2------
A chord diagramAA------------------------------------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE--0-------------------------------1-------1------------1----------

Intro Fills:(electric)

E chord diagramEE-17-------15------------------------
B chord diagramBB----15s13----13s12------------------
G chord diagramGG-------------------14--12~s----------
D chord diagramDD------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------------------------

E chord diagramEE--17s----------------
B chord diagramBB---------------------
G chord diagramGG---------------------
D chord diagramDD-------7p5-----------
A chord diagramAA---------------------
E chord diagramEE---------------------

E chord diagramEE------------------------------
B chord diagramBB-13h15--13--12h13-------------
G chord diagramGG-12-----12--12-----14--12-----
D chord diagramDD-------------------14--12-----
A chord diagramAA------------------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------------------

1st Chorus:(acoustic/clean electric)

   G chord diagramGG  D chord diagramDD  C chord diagramCC Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7

E chord diagramEE--3--2--0--0-------------------
B chord diagramBB--3--3--1--1-------------------
G chord diagramGG--0--2--0--2-------------------
D chord diagramDD--0--0--2--3-------------------
A chord diagramAA--2-----3----------------------
E chord diagramEE--3----------------------------

G chord diagramGG            D chord diagramDD                          C chord diagramCC
I feel so lonley yet I know I'm not the only one

                   G chord diagramGG      D chord diagramDD                C chord diagramCC
to ever feel this way I love you so much that I

                                 Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7
think I'm goin' insane I'm goin' crazy

                      C chord diagramCC                 Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7
Outta my head goin' crazy outta my head

                                     C chord diagramCC
can't think about nothin' but your good good love

and what you give

2nd Verse Fill:(electric)

E chord diagramEE------15---------
B chord diagramBB--15b-----15~----
G chord diagramGG-----------------
D chord diagramDD-----------------
A chord diagramAA-----------------
E chord diagramEE-----------------


G5 chord diagramG5G5                 D5 chord diagramD5D5             C5 chord diagramC5C5
It's not what you got It's what you give

G5 chord diagramG5G5                       D5 chord diagramD5D5                    C5 chord diagramC5C5
It's ain't the life you choose It's the life you live

2nd part of bridge:(acoustic/electric fills)

        Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7                C chord diagramCC
its only what you give only what you give

     Fmaj7 chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7                           C chord diagramCC
only what you give its not what you got but

the life you live

3rd verse fill:(electric)

E chord diagramEE------------------
B chord diagramBB----15-15-15~-----
G chord diagramGG-14b------14~-----
D chord diagramDD------------------
A chord diagramAA------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------

Outro:(acoustic/clean electric)

guitar 1
E chord diagramEE-----0-----3p0---------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB-----1---------1-------------------------------------
G chord diagramGG---2-------------2---2---2------0--------0-----------
D chord diagramDD-3------3----------3---3------2------0h2---0h2-------
A chord diagramAA----------------------------3------3------------3----
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------------------

guitar 2
E chord diagramEE-------0---3p0----------------------0-----------------
B chord diagramBB-----1---------1------------------1----1--------------
G chord diagramGG---2-------------2----2---------0--------0------------
D chord diagramDD-3-----------------3----------2------------2----------
A chord diagramAA----------------------------3-------------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------------------------------------------

for the electric guitar that fades in
during the outro

E chord diagramEE--------
B chord diagramBB--------
G chord diagramGG-10s----
D chord diagramDD-10s----
A chord diagramAA--------
E chord diagramEE--------

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