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Slayer chords and tabs

Slayer tabs and chords

Slayer, with CDs like ’Show No Mercy’ and ’Reign in Blood’, is a thrash metal band formed in Huntington Park, California, in 1981 by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. Still in the music business playing Thrash metal and speed metal, fans still like classics like ’At dawn they sleep’ and ’Ddamm’. Slayer tabs and chords for bass and guitar.

Go to for more on the lates news, concerts and releases. As a proof of good music and good musicians they have received Grammy awards and Kerrang awards. Slayer has a place in the music history together with Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax.

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Song title Type Rating
213Bass tabs
213Guitar tabs
213 (Ver2)Bass tabs
Abolish governmentBass tabs
AddictGuitar tabs
Aggressive perfectorBass tabs
Agressive perfectorGuitar tabs
Altar of sacrificeBass tabs
AmericonGuitar tabs
Angel of deathGuitar tabs
Angel of deathBass tabs
Angel of death (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Anti-christGuitar tabs
AssassinGuitar tabs
At dawn they sleepBass tabs
At dawn they sleepGuitar tabs
Beauty through orderGuitar tabs
Behind the crooked crossBass tabs
Bitter peaceBass tabs
Bitter peaceGuitar tabs
Black magicGuitar tabs
Black serenadeGuitar tabs
Blood redGuitar tabs
BloodlineGuitar tabs
Cast downGuitar tabs
Cast downBass tabs
Chasing deathGuitar tabs
Chemical warfareGuitar tabs
Christ illusion albumGuitar tabs
ClutBass tabs
CrionicsGuitar tabs
Darkness of christGuitar tabs
DdammGuitar tabs
Dead skin maskGuitar tabs
Dead skin mask (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Deaths headGuitar tabs
Delusions of saviourGuitar tabs
DevianceGuitar tabs
Diabolus in Musica AlbumGuitar tabs
Die by the swordGuitar tabs
DiscipleGuitar tabs
DittoheadBass tabs
DittoheadGuitar tabs
Divine interventionGuitar tabs
Divine intervention (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Divine intervention albumGuitar tabs
ExileGuitar tabs
Expendable youthGuitar tabs
Eyes of the insaneBass tabs
Eyes of the insaneGuitar tabs
Eyes of the insane (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Fight till deathBass tabs
Fight till deathGuitar tabs
Final commandGuitar tabs
GeminiGuitar tabs
God hates us all albumBass tabs
God send deathGuitar tabs
God send death1Guitar tabs
Hate worldwideGuitar tabs
Hate worldwideBass tabs
Haunting the chapel albumGuitar tabs
Hell awaitsGuitar tabs
Hell awaits albumGuitar tabs
Here comes the painGuitar tabs
Human strainGuitar tabs
I hate youBass tabs
I'm gonna be your godBass tabs
In the name of godGuitar tabs
Jesus savesBass tabs
JihadGuitar tabs
Killing fieldsGuitar tabs
Live undead albumGuitar tabs
Mandatory suicideBass tabs
Mandatory suicideGuitar tabs
Metal storm face the slayerBass tabs
NecrophilliacGuitar tabs
New faithGuitar tabs
PayGuitar tabs
PaybackGuitar tabs
Perversions of painGuitar tabs
Piece by pieceGuitar tabs
Playing with dollsGuitar tabs
PostmortemGuitar chords
PostmortemGuitar tabs
Raining bloodGuitar tabs
Raining bloodGuitar solo
Raining bloodBass tabs
RebornGuitar tabs
Reign in BloodGuitar tabs
Reign in BloodGuitar solo
Reign in Blood AlbumBass tabs
RepentlessGuitar tabs
RevengeGuitar tabs
Richard hung him selfGuitar tabs
Seasons in The AbyssGuitar tabs
Seasons in The AbyssBass tabs
Seasons in The Abyss AcousticGuitar chords

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