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Silverchair chords and tabs

Silverchair, play the classic songs, were an Australian rock band, which formed in 1992 as Innocent Criminals in Merewether, Newcastle with the line-up of Ben Gillies on drums, Chris Joannou on bass guitar and Daniel Johns on vocals and guitars.

Often mentioned together with The Mess Hall and The Dissociatives, Alternative rock and grunge are keywords to describe the music. Below is Silverchair tabs and chords for songs like ’My favorite thing’ and ’Across the night’. The official website can be found at Releases like Freak Show and Frogstomp have resulted in prizes like MTV music awards and ARIA music awards.

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Song title Type Rating
Abuse meGuitar tabs
Abuse meBass tabs
Acid rainGuitar tabs
Across the nightGuitar chords
Anas songGuitar chords
Anas songGuitar tabs
Anas songopen fireGuitar tabs
Anthem for the year 200 realGuitar tabs
Anthem for the year 2000Guitar tabs
Black tangled heartGuitar tabs
BlindGuitar tabs
CemeteryGuitar chords
CicadaGuitar tabs
Dearest helplessGuitar tabs
Do you feel the sameGuitar tabs
Do you feel the sameGuitar chords
Emotion sicknessGuitar tabs
Emotion sicknessGuitar chords
FaultlineGuitar tabs
FaultlineGuitar chords
FindawayBass tabs
FindawayGuitar chords
FreakBass tabs
FreakGuitar tabs
Greatest viewGuitar chords
I believeGuitar chords
Israels sonGuitar tabs
Israels sonBass tabs
Learn to hateGuitar chords
Learn to hateGuitar tabs
Leave me outGuitar chords
Leave me outGuitar tabs
Lie to meGuitar tabs
Lie to meGuitar chords
Love your lifeGuitar tabs
MadmanGuitar tabs
Madman liveGuitar tabs
Minor threatGuitar tabs
Miss you loveGuitar chords
My favorite thingGuitar tabs
New raceGuitar chords
No associationGuitar tabs
No associationBass tabs
No associationGuitar chords
Nobody cameGuitar tabs
Nobody came (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Paint pastel princessGuitar tabs
Pins in My NeedlesGuitar tabs
Pop song for us rejectsGuitar chords
Pop song for us rejectsGuitar tabs
Punk song 2Guitar chords
Pure massacreGuitar tabs
Pure massacreGuitar chords
Pure massacreBass tabs
Reflections of a soundGuitar chords
RosesGuitar chords
Satin sheetsGuitar chords
ShadeGuitar chords
ShadeGuitar tabs
SlabGuitar tabs
SlaveGuitar tabs
SlaveGuitar chords
Sleep all dayGuitar chords
SpawnBass tabs
Spawn againGuitar tabs
Steam will riseGuitar tabs
StonedGuitar tabs
Straight linesGuitar chords
Suicidal dreamGuitar tabs
Suicidal dreamBass tabs
Suicidal dream guitarGuitar tabs
Suicidal dreams acousticGuitar chords
Surfin birdGuitar chords
The closingBass tabs
The closingGuitar chords
The doorGuitar chords
The doorGuitar tabs
The greatest viewGuitar chords
The greatest viewGuitar tabs
The man that knew too muchGuitar tabs
Those thieving birds part 1Guitar chords
ThreeGuitar tabs
TomorrowGuitar tabs
TomorrowGuitar chords
TomorrowBass tabs
TrashGuitar tabs
Tuna in The BrineGuitar tabs
UndecidedGuitar chords
UndecidedBass tabs
UntitledGuitar tabs
Waiting all dayGuitar chords
Waiting all dayGuitar tabs
Were not lonely but we miss youGuitar chords
Without youBass tabs
World upon your shouldersGuitar tabs
Young modern stationGuitar chords