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Ed Sheeran chords and tabs

Ed Sheeran tabs and chords

Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran, learn the riffs here, is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer. Learn riffs and chords from Lego house, Give me love and other songs with our Ed Sheeran guitar tabs. If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran and want to widen your horison, check out the Folk and acoustic acts Yelawolf, Devlin and Wiley.

Fans have enjoyed Ed Sheeran songs like A Team and Songs of Life & Hope since 2005. While we give you all the Ed Sheeran chords and tabs, the official webpage is at As a proof of good music and good musicians they have received BRIT awards and Q Awards.

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Song title Type Rating
A teamGuitar chords
A team (Ver2)Guitar chords
AddictedGuitar chords
Afire loveGuitar chords
Afire loveGuitar tabs
Afire love acousticGuitar chords
All my lifeGuitar tabs
All of the starsGuitar chords
All of the stars (Ver2)Guitar chords
All of the stars (Ver3)Guitar chords
All of the stars (Ver4)Guitar chords
All of the stars (Ver5)Guitar chords
All of the stars acousticGuitar tabs
AteamGuitar chords
Autumn leavesGuitar chords
Autumn leaves introGuitar tabs
Be like youGuitar chords
Be my husbandGuitar chords
Be my husband (Ver2)Guitar chords
Billy ruskinGuitar chords
Billy ruskin introGuitar tabs
Blind faithGuitar chords
BloodstreamGuitar chords
BloodstreamGuitar tabs
Bloodstream (Ver2)Guitar chords
Bloodstream introGuitar tabs
Chasing carsGuitar chords
Cold coffeeGuitar chords
Cold coffee acousticGuitar chords
Don'tGuitar chords
Don'tGuitar tabs
Don't ukuleleGuitar chords
DrunkGuitar chords
Drunk acousticGuitar chords
Drunk in LoveGuitar chords
Empire state of mindGuitar chords
English roseGuitar chords
Even my dad does sometimesGuitar chords
Everything you areGuitar chords
Feeling goodGuitar chords
Fire alarmsGuitar chords
Follow fashion acousticGuitar chords
FriendsGuitar chords
Friends (Ver2)Guitar chords
Friends (Ver3)Guitar chords
Give me loveGuitar chords
Give me loveGuitar tabs
Give me love (Ver2)Guitar chords
Give me love (Ver3)Guitar chords
Give me love acousticGuitar chords
Give me love acousticGuitar tabs
Give me love liveGuitar chords
Gold rushGuitar chords
Gold rush (Ver2)Guitar chords
Grow backGuitar chords
Guiding lightGuitar chords
Hold onGuitar chords
HomelessGuitar chords
Hush little babyGuitar chords
I don't know introGuitar tabs
I miss youGuitar chords
I see fireGuitar chords
I see fireGuitar tabs
I see fire (Ver2)Guitar chords
I see fire (Ver2)Guitar tabs
I see fire (Ver3)Guitar chords
I see fire (Ver4)Guitar chords
I see fire (Ver5)Guitar chords
I see fire (Ver6)Guitar chords
I see fire acousticGuitar chords
I see fire ukuleleGuitar chords
I will take you homeGuitar chords
I will take you home (Ver2)Guitar chords
I will take you home ukuleleGuitar chords
I'm a messGuitar chords
I'm in Love With The Coco AcousticGuitar chords
King of the kingsGuitar chords
Kiss meGuitar chords
Kiss me acousticGuitar chords
Lay It All on MeGuitar chords
Lego houseGuitar chords
Lego houseGuitar tabs
Lego house (Ver2)Guitar chords
Lego house acousticGuitar tabs
Lego house acousticGuitar chords
Lego house acoustic (Ver2)Guitar chords
Let it outGuitar chords
Little birdGuitar chords
Little ladyGuitar chords
Little thingsGuitar chords
Make it rainGuitar chords
Make it rainGuitar tabs
Make it rain soloGuitar tabs
Masters of warGuitar chords
Masters of war (Ver2)Guitar chords
Miss youGuitar chords

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