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Scorpions chords and tabs

Scorpions tabs and chords

Scorpions, learn to play ’Lonesome Crow’ and ’In Trance’, are a rock band from Hannover, Germany formed in 1965 by guitarist Rudolf Schenker, who is the band’s only constant member . With classics like Love will keep us alive and Rhythm of love from the past, new music are still written.

We have all the Scorpions tabs and chords, but point your browser at to get the official site. This Heavy metal -act are often mentioned together with musically brothers and sisters like UFO, The Michael Schenker Group and Electric Sun.

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Song title Type Rating
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Always somewhereGuitar tabs
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Believe in LoveGuitar chords
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DestinGuitar chords
Does anyone knowGuitar chords
Does anyone knowGuitar solo
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DriveGuitar chords
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Edge of timeGuitar chords
Evening windGuitar tabs
Eye to eyeGuitar chords
Far awayGuitar tabs
Fly to the rainbowGuitar tabs
Follow your heartGuitar chords
Future never diesGuitar tabs
Going out with a bangGuitar chords
Gypsy lifeGuitar chords
Hes a woman shes a manGuitar tabs
Hey youGuitar chords
HolidayGuitar chords
HolidayGuitar tabs
Holiday (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Hour 1Guitar tabs
HumanityGuitar tabs
HumanityGuitar chords
Humanity hour 1 albumGuitar tabs
I wanted to cryGuitar chords
In tranceGuitar chords
Is there anybody thereGuitar chords
Is there anybody thereGuitar tabs
It all dependsGuitar tabs
I've got to be freeGuitar tabs
Lady starlightGuitar chords
Life is like a riverGuitar tabs
Life is too shortGuitar chords
Life is too shortGuitar tabs
LoreleiGuitar chords
Love is the answerGuitar tabs
Love is the answerGuitar chords
Love will keep us aliveGuitar chords
Loving you sunday morningGuitar tabs
Make it realGuitar chords
Maybe I maybe youGuitar chords
Moment of gloryGuitar chords
No one like youGuitar tabs
No one like youBass tabs
No pain no gainGuitar tabs
One and one is threeGuitar chords
Rhythm of loveGuitar chords
Rhythm of loveGuitar tabs
Rock you like a hurricaneBass tabs
Rock you like a hurricaneGuitar tabs
Rock you like a hurricaneGuitar intro
Rock you like a hurricaneGuitar chords
Sails of charonGuitar tabs
Send me an angelGuitar chords
Send me an angelBass tabs
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Someday is nowGuitar tabs
Soul behind the faceGuitar chords
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Steamrock feverGuitar tabs
Steamrock feverBass tabs
Still lovin youGuitar tabs
Still loving youGuitar tabs
Still loving youGuitar chords

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